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suzanne dennis

that ice cream looks freaking amazing!

i went to calgary folk fest last weekend and had salted caramel from the ice-cream wizard danny @village ice cream....even tho i am not usually an ice cream fan i can think of little else since....

ha ha ha
thanks for the contest
happy ice cream making & eating!


I would make mascarpone ice cream.

Ping Lee

totally tweeted your giveaway! fingers crossed on winning the ice cream maker!

Ping Lee


Ping Lee

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If I win (fingers crossed!), I think I'm going to try banana and chocolate ice cream....

Peggy Doyle

tweeted the giveaway!

Peggy Doyle

salted caramel is my dream flavour!

Peggy Doyle

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Mint chocolate chip! Not original, but my favorite!


Mine would definitely be something goat cheese-y. Maybe with honey? figs? or blueberries oh, the possibilities....


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Hmm, I think either a hazelnut ice cream (which would be so good with nuts a la Ferrero Rocher, my favourite treat!) or peanut butter ice cream. I love peanut butter more than words can say!


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Sarah Ward

I want one so I can make lots of NOMs! You've now got me thinking about marshmellows, so maybe Rocky Road for batch No.1!

Hector De Haro

I actually have one of the smaller, cheaper cuisinarts but would love to upgrade. I think I would first make an arroz con leche (mexican rice pudding) ice cream. Or maybe a simple vanilla ice cream with some guava paste swirled in.

Hector De Haro

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Hector De Haro

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Hector De Haro

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OOooo I'd make London Fog Ice Cream ... Dont know how... Or oo OOO Id make red velvet cake & cream cheese Ice cream ... *gaaah *droolz

Adrienne B

This ice cream would be fabulous! I have 3 boys that love cooking in the kitchen. This would be the perfect end to our summer. Dolce de leche and black cherry are my favorite flavors that I would love to create with my sons.


I want one of these so badly. As cliche as it is, since I've been pregnant I've been craving ice cream. Coffee ice cream with oreo cookies.

Stephen Kozma

My favourite ice cream to make is Chocolate Chai. Spiced tea and chocolate. Yum!


I would make a Vanilla Chai or Vanilla Earl Grey flavour of ice cream. Or maybe I've just got tea on the brain. :)


Also, I follow your lovely tweets (@shebakeshere)


OY. I did NOT need to see this today! (I don't really have a favourite ice cream, but I'll usually choose something with cookie in it!)


I like ice cream with a lot of "things" in it, so I would make a chocolate ice cream with pretzels, chocolate chips, cookie dough, potato chips, sprinkles...anything goes. Love the sweet/salty too!

Monica Samelson

MMM, delicious. I would make a blood orange ice cream. I love the flavor and think it would make a beautiful color.

Monica Samelson

MMM, delicious. I would make a blood orange ice cream. I love the flavor and think it would make a beautiful color.


I would make a strawberry stracciatella ice cream!


I follow you on Twitter. My handle is @MausMara.

Nicole Dalmer

i lovelovelove coffee. and pistachio jello. so i'd have to either make espresso flavoured ice cream. or pistachio ice cream. yumyumyum.


I pinned this! Not just for the giveaway either, I do want to make this ice cream...I'm thinking adding toasted coconut to it also, perhaps. Mmmm.

Cindy Eberhart

I would most certainly make pineapple ice cream. It reminds me when I was a child and I had the honor of sitting on our old crank ice cream maker. Yummy! Ice Cream and great memories.........

Mary W

Butter Pecan with Pecan Pralines and Butter Caramel ribbons :) NOM NOM NOM

Mary W

I can't believe I didn't follow you on twitter! I do now :) @maryweise

Mary W

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I would definitely try to make my favorite flavor of ice cream... Mint Chocolate chip. Although I wouldn't mind trying my had at some Nutella gelato...yum yum.

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Well, I am TOTALLY making this, but my favorite ice cream to make is my version of a chocolate chip cookie ice cream.

Make a vanilla custard base with brown sugar instead of white, then stir in chocolate chunks and toasted pecans before hard freezing. SO GOOD!


I would totally want to make a black sesame ice cream! It's my favourite but so hard to find.

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Oh I've been lusting after an I've cream maker for what feels like forever. I would make vanilla caramel pretzel. Yum!


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Toasted marshmallow icecream sounds redic. I would probably go for a salted caramel/ crunchy peanut butter concoction.


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Pick me!

Sweet corn and brown butter ice cream. Or.....rosemary chip!

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pistachio, dark chocolate and sea salt!! i love your blog!


Peaches and cream all the way!


I have to make a confession: ice cream is rarely my dessert of choice. But it's undeniably an excellent vector for really interesting flavors, which is why I'm extremely envious of people who can easily make it from scratch. My ideal ice cream is something complex, unusual, and maybe a little spicy. I think I'd make a black sesame-cardamom ice cream first of all!

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