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That looks awesome, I made these for my Boxing Day open house last year. Love the combo of the tangy goat cheese and sweet hot pepper jelly!


Those look delicious, and so pretty. Will definitley try!

erin @ yummy supper

Recently someone gave me a beautiful jar of pepper preserves - I'm with you that food makes the best gifts! I keep looking at the jar trying to decide the best way to use it, and your little cucumber, goat cheese, and cucumber bites look perfect!


These are right up my alley. Love the goat cheese idea. Now just gotta get my hands on some red pepper jelly...but shopping for fancy jar goods is the fun part :)

A Canadian Foodie

Absolutely gorgeous! And the next time you make this, it will be with your OWN homemade chevre! I am thrilled you are joining us!


I usually use brie in cracker-type appetizers. Will try goat cheese next time.


Interesting combo! This lovely appetizer is going to surprise my guests, though I might have to replace with cream cheese (just not a fan of goat type) : ).


Your photos are wonderful and I love your "recipe" directions, especially #4 :)


"Shove in your mouth"
Best. Directions. EVER!


We can almost guest the taste of it just by looking at your pictures! Great job!


if someone gave me red pepper jelly, i'd probably leave it on the counter for months, not sure what to do with it. now i know!

Becs @ Lay the table

Mum's always get the best gifts - red pepper jelly sounds mmm delish!


I do this with cukes all the time. I love pairing it up with goat cheese and a pepper jelly. I'm wary of my red pepper jelly, though. I once got a jar that tasted like pure white vinegar. It was... errf... I still gag to think of it.

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yummmy!!! This is really something very special and interesting recipe.

homeopathy trigeminal neuralgia

Brilliant! I have never made pepper jelly before, now I will try it.


looks sooo yoummy!


Who needs the platter??

suzanne nason

you made me laugh this morning! thanks for the great idea and your sense of humor!

Rod Michael

I harvested 54 jalapenos and 14 Japanese cucumbers today. Guess what im gunna do!


Rod: as a failed gardener, I'm extremely jealous of your harvest haha. This would be great with home grown cucumbers

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