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I love this! I will have to try it because I am with you-in reality muffins don't get eaten immediately and end up stale. Thanks for this great recipe!


How I wish I had one of these right now for my breakfast. Love the addition of the greek yogurt, I've never tried it in muffins.
Gorgeous photos too :)

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Your muffin tin looks like mine - well loved and frequently used. :) I love the twist of millet in these muffins, and the fact that they passed your test of tasting good all week makes me want to make them immediately! They sound deliciously healthy too. Win!


Oh my but these look wonderful. I bet if you should up late for work with a bowl-full of these tucked inside a cloth not a soul would notice the clock!


Sorry, should have read *showed up late for work*

Please feel free to edit original comment and delete this one :)


There is a jar of millet on my shelf and now I know what to do with it! I'm a muffin hoarder too, so these are right up my alley :)


I enjoy millet and usually cook them as Chinese rice gruel (we also call this porridge or congee in Asia). Here, you have a unique use in muffins! Wow!


I have recently discovered millet and really like the taste. Blueberry muffins are my favourite, so this is a winning combo, for sure. Will definitely have to give them a try.


Probably won't last for a week : ). They have so many healthy ingredients I like using, wholegrain flour, millet, honey, yoghurt ... and of course blueberries, only that some of them are not that fresh because they are imported.

Dessert By Candy

The combination of millet and berries reminds me of a recipe in Good To The Grain. I love millet! It's the top reason why I keep going back to Whole Food's Seeduction bread. :)

Do you know that you can also find millet in Chinese grocers? The name literally translates to "mini rice". I didn't associate one with the other until very recently.

Russell van Kraayenburg

Why have I never heard of millet before?? What else can you use them in? This looks scrumptious though! I may need to go find some of this millet stuff.

Daniela @ foodrecipesHQ

I love the choice of wheat flour. Very nice recipe, thanks!


ooh.. I love crunching toasty millet seeds between my teeth. And I love blueberries. And honey. I guess this would be a good recipe for me to try. Just need to score some more millet seed.


I rediscovered millet and am excited to find a muffin recipe that promises to keep for more than a day. That is my issue with muffins. I hate them when they don't taste that great the next day and pretty much banished them from my kitchen.

But maybe there is hope after all :-)


Question for you. You have Baking Soda in the ingredients list but then it says Baking Powder in the instructions. Which are you suppose to use?

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