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Stephanie this is a lovely post! How fabulous that you were all able to get to your gran's 80th (I was at my nana's 90th in Australia a few years ago, that was really special!) and what a great recipe. I'm working my way through some of my mum and nana's recipes right now - they're the best, even if they are not the best recipe writers (they take a lot of knowledge for granted!!) Great post!

Sounds like sweet sugary goodness! I'm going to try these the next time I make cookies, great post!


So generous are you sharing with us your family recipe, adorable post!


Ah your Gran sounds awesome! What great untangible gifts she gave you all as children - so much more valuable than a video game or an iPad. Thanks for sharing your memories (and this cookie recipe - they sound deletable!)


Your grandmother is a beautiful and very smart lady! I hope that I am still able to golf when I am 80.

Her (your cookies) look and sound delicious.


What a sweet post. Your Grandma sure sounds like a special gal :) Love that fantastic old photograph.
I'm going to try those cookies this weekend. Can't wait!


What a great sounding grandmother!

There is no "butterscotch" in the ingredients list because butterscotch is made from brown sugar, and there is only brown sugar in the recipe. Caramel is made from white sugar. So you essentially have the butterscotch flavor being made right in the cookie from the brown sugar, without separately cooking the brown sugar and then breaking it up and putting it into the cookie. Sounds like a pretty smart recipe to me!


Your Grandma sounds like such a cool lady!


Thanks for sharing your grandma's recipe and for your story!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

What a lovely post, I love family get-togethers. And what a cool idea to travel the world with her grandkids in tow! You've inspired me to look through my great aunt's recipe box which I inherited last summer. I'm sure there are some gems in there, too.

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What a beautiful family to look at, your grandma must have been really happy to see you all gathered on her big day - it shows on her smile. Thanks for sharing your butterscotch cookies recipe. Looks really yummy on the photo. :)


What a fabulous grandmother your have! Butterscotch is one of my favorites. I must try these cookies!

Becs @ Lay the table

Your gran looks very glam! It's really great to share family recipes - I've definitely got quite a few from both my grandma's and my mum.

PJ, Minnesota

These are wonderful! I made them yesterday and brought them to work, and they're almost gone. Simple and delicious. My favorite kind of food! Thanks.


How wonderful! Your Gran sounds like a lovely woman, and what a lovely tradition she's started-- you must feel very lucky! Thanks for sharing her recipe, the cookies sound delicious : )


This is a really good post… Must admit that you are amongst the best bloggers I have read… Thanks………..?

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Warren G Wonka

I don't know if this is the same recipe, but it looks like it might be. (I just asked my sister if she has it.) My mother mashed the balls with the bottom of a tumbler and marked a little flower in the middle with her pie-edging tool.


Yummy, love the sugar overload here!


I made these last week & they were DELICIOUS!!!

Thanks so much for Sharing the Recipe!

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