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That looks *so* good - must try this!


I've literally never wanted a food processor more than I do right now.


That's one beautiful looking machine and one gorgeous batch of delicious butter.

Amy Jo Schenewark

Your lemon tart has had so many repins from my pinterest! Thank you for your delicious recipes! I would love to do that with butter...I have no food processor, and six boys, so it would be VERY handy!


Perhaps the last thing I would have thought of making in a food processor was butter. I will have to try this. Much easier than the old butter churn method.

Michelle VT

I love the idea of making butter at home to serve on homemade bread. Plus, I could really use a food processor!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

I have that same childhood experiment of making butter by shaking a glass jar. I also share your love of all things Little House related (I've got my 6yo started on the books, although some of the butchering scenes are rather alarming). Good to know there's a better method for making homemade butter!


Did not know that you had to rinse butter! Learned something today!

Russell at Chasing Delicious

Who knew our blogs and we are twinsies! Happy belated bday to you both! And now I want homemade butter.

Becs @ Lay the table

I had no idea you had to rinse it! I've nearly had some disasters with cream several times where I've pretty much made butter by being too vigourous with the ol' mixer though!

LP @dishclips

Thanks for the lesson. This is great!

Jessica @ bake me away!

Yum, I bet this tastes amazing! I thought that if you whipped cream long enough it would just turn to butter, but didn't know about the straining and rinsing. Must try it soon! I almost never use the little bowl of this processor because both bowls get dirty and I am a lazy person who doesn't want to wash another thing.

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I didn't think it was possible to make butter at home. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll give it a try.

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