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My mom's favorite desert is tiger bark. Yummy peanut butter chocolate-y goodness :)

Mary at n00bcakes

Wow Stephanie, that tart is *beautiful*! I still haven't made curd yet...another item on my to-do list. :D

...Also my mom's favorite dessert is always chocolate cake. Always! ^_^

Noelle Belanger

My mom's favorite dessert is chocolate fondue.

Laura Grace

My mom is definitely a chocolate person...and when we're feeling HUGELY decadent, it's the cakes and tortes at Edelweiss that we both go for!

Laura Grace

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Moms dessert - most everything (I'm after her own heart...)

But probably, I'll have to go with tart au chocolat!

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Weird Bug Lady

My mom loves ice cream! There are always several boxes in the freezer.

And whenever she gets a cake, it's usually a lemon cake. Yummmm.

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That tart recipe looks delicious... I'm gluten-free and dairy-free now, so I'll just drool and imagine how yummy it is...


My mom's favorite dessert is cheesecake with strawberries. I'm happy to oblige :o)


My mom is a big Whoopie Pie fan! I guess these are really only popular in New England and everyone has a recipe and a way that they like them, so she is very picky about the ingredients of the filling - but man does she love them when they are made right!


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Hi Stephanie,
My mom makes a killer lemon pie but I think when it comes to herself, one of her favourites is carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I always think it is fitting because her birthday is in the fall when the leaves are orange and we've harvested orange carrots fresh from the garden and she has orange hair.

Plus it would be extra good if I won this prize because I was the person who broke her food processor and turned it into a dangerous blade-spinning machine so she needs a new one.


From recollection, I think my mom's favorite dessert was fresh strawberry ice cream.


That looks so good Stephanie. I may just have to make it for my mom. Her favourite is carrot cake with cream cheese icing, but I can see the layered lemon tart taking its place.


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My mom loves Rhubarb pie!
Has wanted a Cuisinart forever! Would love to win this for her :)

Lori Anne

AH, Thank you Stephanie for the wonderful comments! I love being your Mom!

amy marantino

my Mom likes rice pudding best


My Mom's favourite dessert is a blueberry cheesecake square. She loves using the local berries in our subarctic environ (also lingonberry and cloudberry). It would be great to win the Cuisinart processor for our mother-daughter kitchen adventures!

amy marantino

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amy marantino

i tweeted about the giveaweay (@onitnaram)


Tweeted, "Gonna win my Mom a "Mother's Day Giveaway! Win a Cuisinart Food Processor #yaymoms" (@lolablanco)


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Honestly, I have no clue what my mother's favourite dessert is, but I sustect it's apple crumble.


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My mom is easy. Her favorite dessert involves a brownie, chocolate ice cream and Chocolate syrup. Yum :)


My mom's favorite dessert is fresh strawberry pie, unfortunately, from a bakery that has closed. I'm going to try to recreate it for her this year for Mother's Day!


I'm not sure which I want more, the tart or the Cuisinart... Anyway, my mom loves anything with white chocolate. The white chocolate coated oreos I hand-dipped for her last Christmas went over quite well!


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Pumpkin Pie!

Emily Nichols

My momma loves a good chocolate souffle. And I dare say she makes the best ever! I'm always jealous when I go home and she has a few ready to bake already prepared in her freezer!


My mom's favorite dessert is a filipino rice cake called puto. She likes it plain, but also with cream cheese or butter.


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Jennifer Schafer

My mother's favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake! Every June we always pick strawberries for a whole day. We freeze and make jam with most of them. It's a lot of work, but the strawberry shortcake at the end of the day is so worth it!


My mom's favourite dessert is eclaires. Maybe one day I'll actually try making them from scratch!


My mother loves chocolate lava cakes. Or really anything that has an obscene amount of chocolate in it.


What a cute pie! Unfortunately I cannot ask my mom anymore what her favorite dessert was. To be honest I never say my mom eat a lot of sweets. I would think something that has coffee and icecream in it would have made her happy :-)


My mother loves everything. She has quite the sweet tooth but I would have to say apple strudel is probably her favorite. Eve better when topped with ice cream.

Becs @ Lay the table

Oh those mango letters are too cute! Tart looks divine, I love citrus with cream cheese, it cuts the fatty feeling (and therefore the guilt)


Mom's favorite is angel food cake though I don't think she'd admit it...
I love lemon anything.


My mom loves custard.

Denise L

My mom's favorite dessert was cheesecake. Wish I could still make her one...

Denise L

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Denise L


Denise L

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Dominique Rose

Fruit Tarts for sure are my mom's fave...I think this one is going to the tippy top of her list!

Sara Beckman

I'm totally going to have to try this tart! Looks so delicious.

Also my mom's favorite dessert is something she doesn't get very often - bread pudding!

Grace Mehan

I would have to say my mother's favorite dessert is cherry pie and ice cream, but I think she'd love this tart too.

Sara Beckman

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My mom, who really didn't like sweets, LOVED lemon meringue pie. It used to crack me up to see her eat stuff like that. I lost her in 2010, but I am so thankful for all the time we did have.

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