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Creamy earl grey tea? What an odd descriptor...I would never have thought to call any tea creamy without a hit of milk. But that shortbread sounds fantastic!

Becs @ Lay the table

The most important thing about tiny cookies - you can eat loads more of them and feel less guilty (probably).


Lovely! I have a similar recipe, and I've tried it with many different kinds of herbal tea as well as Earl Grey. So easy, so delicious, and if you want, you can leave the log of dough in the fridge and only make a couple cookies at a time. (But who'd do that when you can just make and eat them all!)
Orange zest sounds amazing in this. I'll have to try your recipe and see!


Oh yum. Orange zest and Earl Grey sound so perfect together. Definitely trying this one soon.


I *heart* those edible hearts :)


I'm bookmarking this right now. I love earl grey tea and have been meaning to make some kind of dessert with it. These cookies look fabulous!


I love shortbread, you can get so creative with it. You're right, these are perfectly sophisticated. Isn't it funny how teeny treats seem all the more special?


the cookies look so gorgeous, they look like freshly baked from a gourmet deli. great clicks!


Eileen: Creamy earl grey is the best! It just means it is sort of vanilla-y tasting as well as earl grey flavored. It's so delicious with some milk in it


I've never tried baking with tea before, but it seems like a great way to infuse some interesting flavors into cookies. These are just adorable.


I love shortbread! I love this new (to me) recipe and making them miniature was a great idea. So dainty for tea don't you think?


So cute are they, and I also like them having those little zest and glaze.


The cookies are very cute and I already tried one recipe with chai tea but Earl Grey oh my...the recipe just moved to my to do list :-)


These are extremely cute! I love earl grey and love tea. This is everything I love in one dessert! Bookmarked ;)

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I love these little cuties. Shortbread are my go-to cookies and I love Earl Grey. Every time I look at the MS Cookie book, I drool over all the goodness.
It's always such a treat to stop by and see what you're cooking!


it says 1/2 icing sugar, 1/2a cup?
please let me know, these look so good!

Jessica @ bake me away!

Ooo, these are adorable! (I also have a mini obsession..) I've been wanting to try baking with tea, and these sound like the perfect vehicle. Even have (and love) that cookbook!


Ooh I love these. Perfect for my earl-grey-overdose mornings!


I've made these many times, they're such a treat!

I like your idea of keeping them smaller; I find that sometimes shortbread ends up a bit floury, and keeping them small seems like a good antidote to the floury taste:)

Mary at n00bcakes

I am typically skeptical of both shortbread and tea (Earl Grey in particular), but as usual you make me question my biases. I do love cookies that go with coffee, and I do love cookies with orange in them. Hmm...sounds like another one I'll have to put on one of *my* lists!

Also, to your point, you're right: NOBODY likes stubborn dough!

Maggie Muggins

My computer is filled to the brim with recipes I'm "planning to make", the quotations are due to the fact that even if I made one everyday, there's no way I could get through them all!
I made those cookies last Xmas, and now I really wish I had made a glaze. Those little hearts are so cute!


Perfect timing - I made these last weekend for a baby shower. They were a huge hit!
The small hearts were the perfect size - and the recipe made so many! I couldn't get over how aromatic the Earl Grey made the cookies and the orange zest was a lovely match. I'll be making these again. Cheers


How did I miss this post?? I'm obsessed with tea infused baking at the moment and these sound so lovely. tea and citrus... mmm yum! Bookmarking the recipe.


quick question, as I would love to bake these. you listed corn starch in the ingredients but left it out in the recipe... added into the list by mistake? use to thicken something? eh eh??


These are adorable and look so good. I love anything Earl Grey.

table top freezer

I love those edible hearts :)


This is a really good post… Must admit that you are amongst the best bloggers I have read… Thanks………..?


They look so cute and I bet the orange with the Earl Grey is a fantastic choice!

Erin Craig

Delicious! I just made two batches - one with Earl Grey as suggested, the other with Constant Comment, my favourite orange-spic black tea. Both are delicious! I'll be making more - with various other kinds of tea - very soon!

Stephanie, you are a baking rock star!!


Sounds wonderful. I love Earl Grey tea and for the shortbread, you cannot beat Cornish Clotted Cream shortbread from here in Cornwall, England. The best.

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