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Connie @ Daydream In Color

Congrats on your article! It looks so wonderful. And you are killing me with those snickerdoodle sandwich cookies...I really need one as a pick me up as this day drags on...


Wow, congratulations!! This is awesome! So will we get samples of the cookies you make with the newspaper? lol


Aw I'm so proud of you and your mew column!! And that icing looks like heaven. Need an excuse to make it and the snicker doodles soon!


Big congrats! So deserved. Adorable photo too.

Hoorah for birthday cookies. Nutella icing, oh my! One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was a box of cookies. She shaped the cookies into letters, so when I opened the lid, there was my name. I've never forgotten it.


Congrats! Your cupcakes look so cute!

I've been looking about for a good chocolate icing lately (to go on a yellow cake). I might have to give that Nutella frosting a go!


What a wonderful achievement!!


Lovely cookies


That is awesome. Congratulations!


Those look so delicious! Yay for being in The Globe and Mail, that's awesome.

Mary at n00bcakes

Wow, congratulations on such a big article in the paper - how very neat! Now we all get to say we knew you before you got all rich and famous. ^_^

Also, those snickerdoodles + pillowy chocolate frosting look divine, even if they were a bit messy. Maybe next time you just dip the cookies right into the giant bowl. Or just be honest and put a spoon in the bowl itself. >.>


I congratulated you on twitter but congrats again!
Ditto just eating the frosting right from the bowl...

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Melissa@eyes bigger

So awesome and so proud of you!

Jessica @ bake me away!

Holy cow, you're famous! Congrats!

And those sandwich cookies sound amazing to me, regardless of the construction mishap. :)


I'm betting your friend loved her sandwich snickerdoodles.

Congratulations on the Globe and Mail article! How exciting for you.


Hehe, love that sassy pants photo! Show those cupcakes (and those newspaper readers) who's boss!

yummy supper

Stephanie, Huge congrats on your new column!!! Wow that is great news and so well-deserved. I bet the column will be a huge success. Globe and Mail are lucky to have you.

Maggie Muggins

I've been eyeing up that Nutella frosting recipe on Sweetapolita's blog too. I would never have thought to sandwich it with snickerdoodles.
Congrats again on the column!


Congrats on the feature :)


So excited for you. A well deserved achievement! Yay!


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