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Jessica @ bake me away!

After seeing the photo of this on instagram, I'm so glad you posted the recipe! It sounds so good and is gorgeous. And you're right, it seems like it would be complicated, but isn't!


Wow, I've never imagined coconut and bread together before. How can this not be divine? Your home must perpetually smell like heaven.


love the swirly pattern. your home-made bread just looks so heavenly & wholesome.


I love baking with coconut. I always love the exotic taste. Thanks for sharing.


This bread is gorgeous.


Thank you thank you thank you for posting this recipe! A coworker of mine brought this bread back from Toronto years ago and I was instantly addicted. It's impossible to find here in the states—or at least in the NY/VT area—so the only time I could get my hands on any was when she'd bring more back from TO. But now I can make my own!


Wow - your bread looks fantastic! I'd love to try it - were it not for the fact that my husband and son are allergic to coconut! :( I see a lot of recipes here that I'd love to try...I'm going to start with your bread section. Great blog!


This bread is so beautiful and unique, I can't wait to try it and wish I had a slice of it right now!

Thomas White

What an inspiring article filled with unique information on Coconut Swirl Bread. It’s very informative and easy to read and understand. I have this bookmarked for future reference and research. Thank you.

Carolyn Jung

This looks like a coconut lover's dream loaf. I bet it would be heavenly in a bread pudding, too.


i have never made a swirl bread before but this looks too good not to try it.


What a great idea, I cannot describe to you how much I love coconut!

Russell van Kraayenburg

I love the way you assemble this bread! A spiral and a braid, cool! And I've never tried or even heard of coconut bread so I'm definitely going to have to change that soon. Yum!

Stephanie @ Global Dish

Gorgeous! I love anything involving coconut (bread, cookies, drinks... anything!) so I will definitely be giving this a shot! Yum!


This looks wonderful and the photo with the eggs, gorgeous!

Thyme (Sarah)

What a beautiful looking loaf of bread. I would love that addition of coconut!

Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen

I've seen these on bread stores! Now I know How it's done!!! I love these!!! I used to buy these all the timeeee :)


Great! Yet, you've shown us how relaxing and simple it to make this awesome loaf.


will it freeze well? it's beautiful!


Jennifer: It should freeze fine. It's best to freeze bread when it is at it's freshest so after it cools completely I usually slice the entire loaf, put it in a freezer bag, and let it freeze. Once it's frozen I squish any air out of the bag and then use the bread slice by slice.

If you are planning on having it in your freezer longer its best to wrap the loaf in tinfoil first and then put it in a freezer bag. I don't use this method though because I use up my bread too quickly for it to be necessary.

meatballs & milkshakes

This looks amazing! I can practically smell the yeast!

Kathryn Connor

I'm curious about the powdered milk in the filling. What made you decide to include it? Does it change the texture or just the taste? I wonder if i should use it in more of my sweet bread recipes


Kathryn: I included it because I love the coconut filling in chinese cocktail buns and most of the recipes for those included powdered milk. It adds a little bit of creaminess but it still tastes great without it.

Oh my goodness, that looks fantastic. This just shot up to the tip-top of my list of 'to makes'. Thank you for sharing!!


This reminds me of the coconut bread that I get at the Asian grocery store. Can't wait to make it!! Where can I get dessicated sweetened coconut?


Hey, just wondering... does the sponge call for 1 cup or 2 cups of fl... because you have 2 cups but 300g


1 Tbsp (7g) Instant Yeast

1 Tbsp (15g) Sugar

1 2/3 cups (375g) warm coconut milk

2 cups (300g) bread flour


Is it possible to sub with whole wheat bread flour? This looks delicious!


Thank you for posting this recipe! I made it last night and it is so, so delicious. I've been searching for a good Chinese coconut bun recipe for ages and this tastes just like them! I am SO happy!


This bread is AMAZING! I just made it and had to have a slice. It's to die for! Thank you for posting this recipe!


Lady you are gonna have me baking bread yet, I swear. Congrats on all your successes lately!


Is the amount of butter for the dough 1 cup + 1 Tbs (8.5 oz)? You have 125 g butter which would be approximately 4.5 oz (1 stick + 1 Tbs).

Maggie Muggins

Yummy! Coconut bread is one of my favourite things to make, it always tastes so rich and delicious.
I’ve never shaped bread using that method before, it looks so pretty.


Oh geez I'm so Facebook dumb. I was like '116 likes' ooh who are these people, CLICK, and now my unwitting boyfriend likes coconut swirl bread!

I make myself sound like I'm 50, not 25. Ruh roh.

Mary at n00bcakes

This bread BLOWS MY MIND. I have a renewed interest in coconut these days, so I am without a doubt putting this on my "to bake" list. Not that I don't do that with most of your recipes, anyway. ^_^

Also love the twisty-braided look. Very chic.

Jen's Favorite Cookies

I just love coconut! I'm not very good at making bread, but I might give it a shot for this recipe. I can't believe how beautiful it looks!


This looks and sounds amazing!! I will definitely be making this! This is the first time I have been to your blog and it is so lovely! :)

Dagmara Boryszczyk-Roure

Can I use all purpose flour with this recipe?

yummy supper

Stephanie, I saw your bread on Tastespotting the other day and was stopped in my tracks! That braiding is just beautiful and I bet the coconuty flavor is amazing.

Dessert By Candy

I don't know how I managed to miss this recipe of yours. Must make it this weekend! Thanks Stephanie!


I tested your recipe, it was my first experience of a recipe in English! A success! I made some small changes regarding the coconut filling. You can see the recipe here, in French:
Best regards,


That swirl pattern is just gorgeous! I am definitely working that in somewhere. I just saw about five other things on your blog that I am stealing...

The Green Cat

I took one bite of this bread and immediately dubbed it "fat ass bread" because I want to eat the whole loaf at once! I'm going to bake this again this weekend but am wondering about 2 things: 1. Has anyone tried replacing the filling mixture with nutella? I think this would be a fun option but wanted to know if anyone had already tried it 2. Has anyone baked this in mini-loaf pans? This bread is so good I want to share it and thought mini loaves would be a good way to go.

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