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Yay! I love this bread and love this post!

One thing, you forgot the critical step of eating delicious Pho while waiting for the bread to rise. :)

That is the most gorgeous rolling pin I've ever seen.


Very pretty. It's almost a shame to spread butter on it. Some unexpected ingredients in there...makes it all the more tempting.

yummy supper

Stephanie, I am so jealous of your bread making skills. When am I gonna get off my duff and get to baking some bread? At least I know where to come for inspiration:) Your swirl bread is gorgeous.


This bread is stunning. It sounds delicious, but it's so beautiful it's almost-- almost!!-- a shame to eat it!


this looks delicious, and that rolling pin!!!! Beautiful! Where'd you find such a gem?

Maggie Muggins

Such pretty loaves of bread, I haven't tried my hand at making any swirl loaves like that, but it sounds like a delicious combo.

And I just have to say that those aprons are so freakin’ cute!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

Such a pretty bread - and love seeing your beautiful rolling pin again. So tempted to get one myself - I have to imagine it makes baking that much more fun.


This bread is delicious. I used it to make some mini toasts for a white bean and swiss chard bruschetta. Here's the link:



P.S. My name is spelled wrong on the second link :)


I love your rolling pin... is it hard to clean? Also a good post because I kind of wondered how people got bread to do that.


A healthy bread without trading off for the softness and lightness, simply adorable!

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Deborah Plowman

Can you give the recipe adding the cup measurements please. Would love to try this bread for one of our church bake sales. Thanks you.

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