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These look so lovely and would be a great use for all the jam I have in my pantry <3

Jessica @ bake me away!

I love how these are filled logs rather than thumbprints! Much less tedious. I need to try to make jam someday! Didn't know that apple cores could be used for pectin. Also, I saw on twitter that you got a new camera and were using the pictures tonight. Your photos always look great, but these look fancier! :)


I read "crisp buttery lemon base" and my mouth started watering. These look like pure delight. (And I agree, your photos are very excellent.)


these cookies are really pretty and the colours really pop, bet they are just delicious as they look :)

Cupcakes Barcelona

These cookies look delicious! I always love to use berries in my bakings..have to try this recipe soon :)


Hello :) Its my first time here ~ These look fantastic I've never seen striped cookies!!! Delicious :) Thanks for sharing!


Lovely cookie windmills! The way you present the cookies has pleasantly surprised me. Thanks for sharing : ).

Little Corner of Mine

I love homemade jam and this cookies turned out looking fabulous!


Yummy and Amen. I hear you- I want the snow to stop :-)


I can't decide which I like best: your rolling pin, the vibrant colour of the jam, or the cookies themselves! I remember making these in school and we called them train track cookies. Sure brings back memories!


Holy moly. These look amazing! What a great combo. I'll definitely have to give these beauties a try! Beautiful rolling pin by the way!


So pretty and delicious! Can't wait to make them- love the alternative to a thumb print cookie! Your blog is stunning Stephanie:-) Happy Day! ~Juliane


These looks so good! It's already warming up here and fruit stands are starting to pop up. I can't wait to try these! Yummmmm!!

yummy supper

Stephanie, these looks dangerously easy to nibble on;) Buttery lemon and berries are such nice bright flavors in the middle of winter.

Mary at n00bcakes

Whoa! Not that your other recipes don't, but these cookies caught my attention! I love that bright stripe of red, and I like seeing fruity flavors that I actually find appealing (often if there is no chocolate, the recipe is simply a no-go in my mind!). I may indeed have to try these; I have a hard time dryer dough, so maybe your recipe will learn me a thing or two. :)


Those little stripes are so beautiful, particular displayed in that pinwheel shape. I'm excited to try them out. I'm regularly looking for delicious recipes that stretch me outside my chocolate comfort zone.

Russell van Kraayenburg

Cute cookies! And by the way you have the fanciest rolling pin I have ever seen!


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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