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Cate Holst These look so delicious and I agree, you can always do with more cheese!


Oh goodness, this looks so good and so easy to make!


This would be pretty much the perfect food to make for us. I love pastry and cheese.

yummy supper

Stephanie, those photos of the melty cheesy goodness are ridiculous. I need to make these empenadas!

Happy weekend to you!


Becs @ Lay the table

I saw these earlier when I was perusing your blog for your icecream custard and I was like totes drooling on my keyboard!


oh my goodness! that looks delicious!!!


These look AMAZING. I've never purchased lard before... but for this... exceptions will be made ;) Can't wait to make them (although, I have a fear of deep frying... hot oil is scary... I give you many kudos for that!). Apparently, empanada dough for sweet empanadas is very difficult to make. Perhaps your friends can show you how to make that and you can share? ;) hehe. Custard or pumpkin... if you were wondering what to fill them with ;)

Britney C

I made these twice last week! So amazingly yummy!


That gooey cheese soft inside and the crisp pastry outside...perfect!

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More cheese definitely seems like an excellent improvement. These look incredible!

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What if you want to bake it ? Would you still suggest the same ingredients ?
Thanks :)


i'm from Chile and i love cheese empanadas!!! you can also try them with a meat stuffing that's call "pino", it's basically chopped meat with chopped onions, a bit of paprika and coriander, just fried them and enjoyyyy!!!


p.s.: you have to cook the stuffing firts and then fill the empanada pastry!


Hi, can I add a suggestion... Add cream cheese. I have done this for years & makes the empanada even better :)


Pie filling is quite delicious also.


Holy cow MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! I am originally from Chile and all my parents and grandparents always made these for me but I have never been able to have a specific recipe with exact measurements, they just made it by heart which never helped me! I now have children and wanted to make these forever and also been promising my hubby that someday I would make him some! Well this has been the best ever!!! Thank you so much for sharing, we make them all the time now!!!


Christy: Thanks for the tip! We'll have to try it

Kimberly: Interesting idea, a dessert empananda

Tania: So glad that you have been enjoying them! I'm going to message Maggie a copy of your comment (because it's her recipe). I really appreciated her sharing the recipe with me


Hi I love this post, I can't wait to try however what kind of Lard is it I don't have TenderFlake, is that vegetable lard?

Shirley Ann Waters

A friend from Equador made these except with cheddar cheese, then sprinkled with sugar...Sounds crazy but so good..


I don't use the metric system, how much shortening in cups?


Is baking allowed?


My empanadas were good, I used American, mozzeralla and Swiss cheese. However they needed a little more salt than the 1teaspoon the recipe called for. Also what's a good dipping sauce for these cheese empanadas?

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