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Even though it's gotten much colder here, ice cream sounds so good! I remember making ice cream as a kid but it was just cream, sugar and vanilla that we tossed around in a big bag of ice and salt. Yours sounds and looks much tastier!

yummy supper

Hey there Stephanie, Thanks for sharing your ice cream base. It has been years since we tried a simple vanilla ice cream. The one we made was just too eggy. Yours looks like just the right level of creaminess. I need to try again:)
I still cannot get over how much I love those cute spoons:)


I just bought pumpkin ice cream, but I bet that would be a fantastic one to try and make...


This looks so creamy and decadent! I would love to try and use this base for an eggnog ice cream. Pumpkin or gingerbread would be heavenly too. Oh my.

Mary at n00bcakes

I love posts like these that really describe the process of both making and altering the recipe for various types of flavors; it makes me feel like I could actually make a recipe much more tailored to my preferences. Thanks for sharing and being such a smarty pants. :D Can't wait to whip out my new ice cream maker now! ^_^

Becs@Lay the table

I agree with Mary, you always explain stuff really well! my mum just got back from Belgium armed with loads of Speculoos paste and I'm dying to make ice cream with it. Defo going to use your recipe!


Wow your ice cream looks super creamy! I haven't tried using eggs but am tempted to pull down the ice cream maker from winter storage after reading this. Buttered pop corn is a favorite treat and it's tempting to add it to my other fave!

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I just got an ice cream maker and have been intrigued by all of the ice cream posts everywhere!

low carb recipes

Thanks alot for this recipe, I will use it for inspiration to make a low carb version as soo as i manage to get an icecream maker.

Cassandra Wellington of The Dirty Girls Kitchen

We feel as if we don't have a "His Ice Cream" spoon, then we don't have to share with him. And your ice cream looks so heavenly, we don't want to share.

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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!


It's an easy recipe to add ingredients to and it can be adjusted to suit your tastes.


I haven't tried using eggs but am tempted to pull down the ice cream maker from winter storage after reading this

Lucy Bannet

Looking so appealing this ice cream..!! I am really so impressed to get this post article. Really I enjoyed this post very much. Thanks and keep it up..


What do you do if it curdles in the last Cooking step?

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