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Yes please! =D


Those look delicious. Pumpkin and spice cake flavors are my all time favorites.


Love anything with pumpkin right now, yours look especially flavorful. You make the icing sound so easy to make ;)

Chelsey V

I love those De Ruijter sprinkles so. much. My Oma always keeps them in the house and when I was little we got to eat them on toast or rusks. Chocolate for breakfast? Hell yea.

Becs@Lay the table

I have some of those sprinkles! I have the fruity flavour ones...
They look gorgeous by the way, mmm brown butter icing *drool*

yummy supper

Hey Stephanie,
Pumpkin and brown butter... great flavor combo! And totally decadent. Whenever I see you with sprinkles I think of that amazing "embroidered cake."
And thanks so much for the mention in Saveur. I was totally honored!

Megan Pence @Country Cleaver

Oh there are no words to describe how splendid browned butter is. It takes everything to a new level. Gorgeous! ~Megan


Mmmm, browned butter icing. Wonderful idea. I love your clever twists! I'm in the beginning stages of a relocation from Toronto to Vancouver, and I think this should be the first dessert I bake in my new kitchen (wherever that may be.)

Miss Nom

I just read the interview you did with savuer and they are right! You're blog is gorgeous! I am travelling in italy at the moment but as soon as i have a kitchen again i will be trying out some of your recipes - for sure! Until then i will just read some more...

Hyosun Ro

Stephanie - These pumpkin cupcakes look yummy! The browned butter icing sounds so good with these. Also, congrats on your interview with Saveur!! And thank you very much for mentioning eating and living. I was incredibly flattered by it.

Kimberly from Foodies Unite

I saw your feature on Saveur and came to check out the site - fell in love with your blog and Wellington! I look forward to reading more!


I heart pumpkin cake, muffins, cupcakes, whatever. The spice is so comforting and makes me think of chai. Bet these would be god with a cream cheese frosting too. mmmmmm. YUM


I need to make these cupcakes so I can try the frosting--mhmm I love brown butter.

Jessica @ bake me away!

I just made something pumpkiny today and was thinking of brown butter icing, and you have just convinced me! These are the kind of cupcakes I love: simple, not over-iced, and super delicious. It's nice to know that there are real chocolate jimmies out there! Also, kitty <3

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Mary at n00bcakes

Love it! I'd completely forgotten about this recipe, though I made almost this exact one last fall. Having partial cans of pumpkin in my fridge is always a problem these months...I should definitely whip up a batch of these again. :)

Russell van Kraayenburg

I'm loving the flavor combinations here! Yum, yum!


I made these cupcakes today. I changed the frosting to a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. oh so tasty.


These look so incredible right now. I want to use pumpkin in one of my Thanksgiving recipes and I think it needs to be these. :) YUM! Thank YOU!


Nice one! Hey I know those sprinkles! They're from Edelweiss Village, those whacky Europeans and their crrazy food


Thanks for posting this recipe! I made them last night and they turned out wonderful!


Since my freezer is stocked with pumpkin...
this recipe shall be put to use! Cupcakes are so cute and fun to make. Yum!

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These look so incredible right now. I want to use pumpkin in one of my Thanksgiving recipes and I think it needs to be these. :) YUM! Thank YOU!

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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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