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These are awesome! And how many did you make!? That is a labour of love, I hope your friend appreciates it.
Thanks for the comment on my blog and have a great day :)

yummy supper

You are such a baking wizard! Those cookies are adorable. I was watching Bridesmaids last night and thought of you... when she whipped up that complicated and brilliant cupcake. You are the only one I know who can work such magic. (Though that last photo of the butterfly cake shows that you are actually teaching others to work some magic too!)


I love how you made the folds! So pretty. I'm sure you made the bride very happy.

Maggie Muggins

Wow, those look like alot of work but turned out beautiful! I've never thought of using fondant on cookies before, I love the 3d effect of the dresses. You did an amazing job.

Mary at n00bcakes

That is some srs commitment right there. I think having to go through that much detail for each cookie would make me go insane very quickly. Major props to you!

Also, thanks for sharing your marshmallow fondant's actually on my list of recipes to try! Beautiful cookies, as usual!


Look at those dapper suit cookies! And the dresses are perfectly elegant. Super clever work, as always.
Very cool that they sent you a picture of their lovely cake.


Adorable cookies! The tutorial is awesome and totally inspirational. I'm sure the happy couple were super happy with the cookies!

Stephanie @Globaldish

There are so few things tastier than a good sugar cookie! But boy, do these look like they were hard work! I'd like to do something like that for my wedding, but I don't think I have the patience. Love, love, love them!

Jessica @ bake me away!

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind cookies. You are awesome! I love that you used fondant instead, and that you made that, too. My friend made marshmallow fondant once, and while it was sweet, it was SO much better than the pre-made regular kind. Also, what a great feeling it must have been to receive that wonderful cake photo!


My gosh Stephanie, these are adorable! I can't believe how much work went into them - I don't think I could eat one after seeing all of that. I'd want to keep it!

Becs@Lay the table

The marshmallow fondant looks great, especially as you can be more 3D with it! I've got a great book by Biscuiteers which shows you how to make all sorts of amazing biscuit decorations. I've made them a couple of times but I'm very impatient I think!

Russell van Kraayenburg

These cookies are super cute! I want to get married just so I can have an excuse to make them.


For a more durable template, I wonder if food-grade silicone putty might be a thing. Once the paper template is to your liking on something that you know you'll be making quite a few of, break out the putty, roll out a sheet, use the paper template to cut out the silicone (and do something interesting with the scraps if there are any). Then once the silicone template has cured, use that for projects in the future.

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These are awesome! And how many did you make!? That is a labour of love, I hope your friend appreciates it.

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Nice! The only weird thing is that they don't have heads. Someone killed'em all!

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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

Ben Foster

I drew up a number of templates for both the dress and the suit and then when I was happy with them I photocopied them a bunch of times in case I needed to replace any torn or greasy ones. I often use templates for cookies instead of cookie cutters however there are pros and cons for doing this.

Father Of The Bride Toast

Wow! I really love this piece of work! I have to try this at home and surprise my lovely wife even though im not good at making cookies :D.. Well good luck for me.. ;)

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