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I think I'll have to try these. They look really delicious, plus the hubs would do backflips if he knew people were putting pork INSIDE buns. Pork AND bread?! Heaven.


You are good to give these a go at home. It's always too tempting for me to just go out and procure little chinese delicacies.

Fred Ocampo

Wow! It's awesome. I wish I can taste one to prove if it's really delicious. I'm starting to be hungry. Thanks for sharing anyway..

JP Wright

your buns look nice and white - is the flour bleached?


I've never made Chinese steamed buns myself, but I love devouring them! Maybe I should try...


JP Wright: I used unbleached flour but the baking powder that is kneaded in after helps keep them white. They weren't snow-white like some buns that I have seen but they were lighter than dinner rolls


Oh awesome, this looks pretty simple too. I'll add it to my list!


These look so satisfying. My guy would probably scarf down 2 or 3 without blinking. A remorseless pork eating machine he is.

Russell van Kraayenburg

Yum! I'll take a dozen please! Shall I send you me address? ; )

I guess since I'm a foodie I can make these. The recipe looks scrumptious.


These look delicious! I always thought that these steamed buns were too much work to make at home, but this post has convinced me otherwise.

yummy supper

Such a fun project! I have great memories of Chinese pork buns at our favorite Dim Sum spot when I was a kid growing up in Seattle. I'm not sure that I could ever make these with out gluten, but I may just have to try:)

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Thanks for the recipe, I will try it.



You always inspire me with your baking posts, and this post is no exception! I just had steamed buns for the first time a few weeks ago at dim sum and they were awesome. Thanks for this recipe, I love how you break it down into easy to follow steps.

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