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I am so excited to hear about everything you do with your farm pickings this fall. In the summer, slaving over the stove is too much work for me but I am definitely getting super inspired for things to get making this fall!


This is funny to me cuz it's almost the exact same thing we did last week. Same trees and everything. I was like, whoa these pictures are eerily familiar looking! (We do not have a cranberry bush, so our fourth fruit was plum.) I made some apple-pie like jam, chokecherry jam, and I just chopped the crabapples up and froze them. I found a nice bread recipe for them and I don't think we need any more jellies in the fridge!

Jessica @ bake me away!

Lovely photos! I hadn't ever heard of the Rescue apples, but they sound good. Looking forward to the things you make with your haul!


These photos are lovely! They really capture the beauty of this autumn.


Envyyyyy. Lucky you!


Beautiful! Looks like you made the very most of your getaway to the farm. Really lovely photos. I especially enjoy the spooky flashlight one.

Chelsey Van

Chokecherry syrup is so. good. on pancakes. Can't wait to see how you make it!


Nice shots. I love apples. I'm so glad it's autumn and I can bake and cook with apples galore.

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Gorgeous photos, look at those magenta leaves! That's one thing we don't really have in San Diego, fall colors (or colours ;).

My kiddo is learning about apples in school, your post inspired me to take a trip out to our local orchard.


Gorgeous photos! I got the link to your blog via Food Bloggers of Canada...awesome stuff! Looks like you had a great weekend at the farm - love the flashlight photo, too.

Elina (Russian Bites)

Looks like so much fun. I really need to go apple picking asap. It's the perfect fall activity :)
Love the cranberry pics too and that one with the lights swirling around. Awesome!

Dan @ Dan's Good Side

I'm all about hands-on foodie adventures! Currently, I'm trying to find a pumpkin farmer to help harvest pumpkins with...a bit heavier than apples, but fun nonetheless! ;)

Rylan - Art and Appetite

Stephanie, my gosh! Girllllllll, we should hang out! This is my kind of thing! We have a small orchard here in Las Vegas and I still haven't had the chance to visit. Uuuh! Now that the season is almost over.

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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!



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