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Yum! I know exactly what you mean about cookies needing to be JUST right. Nothing worse than a hard crunchy cookie when you want something soft and fudgy (which is always). I suffer the same problem when I have choc chips sitting in my cupboard ... they always seem to go walkabouts ...

Studio MME

I'm in heaven! I've been looking for a soft peanut butter cookie recipe for ages! Ooh, I can't wait to make these!


oh boy, i'm incredibly picky about me peanut butter cookies. i take them way serious. i totally trust that this recipe is utterly worthy :) you even did the perfect fork marks on top!
My peeve: when peeps use CRUNCHY peanut butter. Gasp!


Love PB cookies! Especially in summer because they're very light.


Love this recipe but I live in australia and we don't have peanut butter chips. What would be a good substitute?


I love how you write out the recipe, on scented paper no less! I'll have to follow that tip, too many times I've messed up a recipe because I didn't read it all the way through. These look so good, they would be nice with my morning coffee!


Adele: These cookies are still good without the chips but after I read your comment I kept wondering how they would be with a chopped up reeses peanut butter cup in them...

These cookies look so delicious! I'm so glad that I came across this blog, it's not too often that I come across another foodie person who's going through university like me!


I've been wanting to make peanut butter cookies for a while now. The ones I got from work tasted so, so good, but I don't work at that bakery anymore, so I'm in withdrawal. I'll definitely give these a try.


That's an interesting idea actually (And I can get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups here Yay!) I'll try it this week and see how it goes (Sometimes candy can react quite differently to what you expect, melting chocolate with peppermint liquid centres comes to mind, not one of my better ideas)


that's it!.....i am soooo making these cookies tomorrow!
they look delicious : )

Lucy Storey

Girl you are good. I just found your blog and like/love so much about it. Thanks for sharing your passion with us/me.


We must have the same taste in cookies because I have never found a recipe I am satisfied with and have the same cookie issues you do. This is my husbands favorite cookie so I will be trying this recipe. Funny thing is he doesn't care - but it drives me crazy - it's the little things but peanut butter cookies should be soft!

yummy supper

I 'm not sure what tidbit I am most excited about after reading this post. The peanut butter chip technique is totally inspired, and where in the world did you get doughnut scented notepads? How dangerous!
And I gotta say I love that milk jug too!
Great post as always:)


Hi Stephanie

Adele again from Australia, I made your cookie recipe and the whole family loved it, especially after I had made them 3 different ways (Plain, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and whole peanuts). They decided their favourite is the peanut butter cookies with whole peanuts in them, absolutely delicious. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe.


Adele: glad that you liked them! I bet the peanuts added the extra peanutty flavor. I want to try making them with reese's sometime soon!

Erin: I found the notepad at an old fashioned toy store.. I also bought sugar cookie scented scratch and sniff stickers. The milk jug is from anthropologie and its made out of stacked measuring cups. I bought it because it was cute but I actually do end up using it quite often

Russell van Kraayenburg

I want these cookies. They look so yummy. And now I know how they make that pattern on cookies. I had no idea!

Also anytime you come home with foodie stuff it's an auto win! I went out the other day to get some socks and came home with silpats, wooden spoons and spatulas... oh and no socks. And doughnut scented?! How is that possible?

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I love peanut butter cookies! this is great recipe, I will try it later. thank you :-)

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Definitely on my ‘must try’ list..thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe.

Becs@Lay the table

Mmmm peanut butter cookies! Sorry I haven't been commenting on your most excellent blog posts. I am fully back in the blogging saddle! I will have to try and see if i can find some peanut butter chips on the internet!

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Oooh! Those look FANTASTIC! I might try that, but will roll the balls in raw sugar and then fork 'em. Get a nice crunch of sugar on top, too ;) Peanut butter is the best.

Suzanne Hetrick

Is it just me or did no one else follow the recipe? It doesn't show adding the sugar.
Oops. I took a taste just before forming them and thought, "Wait, a minute....", and then added the brown sugar last. We'll see how they taste and frankly, how bad could they be? : ) I'll make 'em again if it's too weird.

Suzanne Hetrick

Guess what? Super delicious! Thanks for the recipe.


Suzanne:Thanks for mentioning that! I added the missing sugar :) Glad that they still turned out delicious


made them last week....i did not have any peanut butter chips on hand, so i used chocolate chips.....AMAZING!
awesomely good recipe...thanks for sharing! : )

April Kraft-Calfrobe

These are hands down the best peanut butter chip cookies Ive ever had!! The ONLY thing wrong was I had to double the recipe! I had no dark brown sugar or unsalted butter...left out the salt...which I dont believe would even mattered and they are perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for!! TY!


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I just found this post through your 2011 recap - I clicked on it because I really want your measuring cup bottle. But the recipe! I have to try this as I am still searching for the right PB recipe - I like soft too. Gonna try this one. I add a tiny bit of cinnamon to my PB cookies - I love the little extra dimension it gives them!

Herve Leger

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

Gail B

I just made these, but didn't have peanut butter chips so I used butterscotch chips. Also fantastic!


Great recipe, but I needed to double it because one recipe didn't make enough (-: Tastes even better when you half-dip them in Baker's Chocolate Dipping chocolate. Yummmmy!


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The Quick Chek (local convenience store) by me makes these terrific fresh-baked peanut butter cookies and I have been looking for a recipe similar to those. I came across your recipe and made them tonight. I have to say, these cookies totally exceeded all expectations! The only thing I did different was bake them for an extra three minutes. The 10 minute baking time left them TOO soft for me. Otherwise, these were a home run!

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