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Wow, that a sexy looking picnic basket. I want one of those. The food looks heavenly. I'm definitely going to go on a picnic ones of these days soon.


What a wonderful blog! I'm adding you to my reader and just pinned your Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream to my pinterest page (with a link back to you)!


I love the picnic basket. How wonderful that your mom kept looking for it until she found the one you wanted. The food looks so good and your photos are terrific.


What a perfect way to spend a day. All your nosh looks incredibly tasty. Definitely worthy of such a cool picnic basket. I haven't picnicked in years. But you've inspired me to change that. Thank you!


Ohhhh I am soooo jealous. I want to go on a picnic near a river! With that food! That basket is awesome too, what a great find!


Love that basket, it's just perfect! I'm going to try the potato salad recipe, thanks for sharing.


You make me want to pack a picnic right now. That basket is seriously awesome!

Studio MME

Oh my gosh, I love your picnic basket!!! I've been looking for one for months now! Ooh, and I'd definitely go with you on a picnic because you pack such amazing food!

Mary at n00bcakes

If this post were any more charming I think my head would literally explode.
Looks like you had a *fabulous* picnic, and I am incredibly jealous. Delicious food, gorgeous scenery, and the world's most perfect picnic basket - as my father says, "I wonder what the rich people are doing?"

Also, feel free to send me any leftovers. >.>

yummy supper

Picnicing - the great summer joy! What a cool basket ( and a nice mom to find it) - those salt and pepper shakers are just too adorable.
Happy summer!

Jim Biscardi

Great post !! love the food choices with the baguettes, which ,by the way look outstanding! great job!


What a beautiful combination of food! I'm so impressed by those baguettes. And the picnic basket--It looks like my dream picnic basket too!

What a fabulous picnic! It looks like you had a wonderful lunch.


Yup, that is pretty much my dream picnic basket. And baguettes and cheese and strawberries are really all I need for the perfect meal -- am going to have to try out those flavor combinations!

Maggie Muggins

Love that picnic basket, it reminds me of one my parents used to own when I was little.
Sounds like a beautiful way to spend the day, I wish I lived closer to the river when it's sunny here.


Love your pics! That looks amazing. Can't wait for the recipes - I definitely want to make those baguettes. Mmm, cheese...


It looks like a perfect day! God Brie with everything is delicious!!! YUM! I love that even the glasses have their wn little safety harnesses : )


That is a darling picnic basket! I have a similar one and just love it! Looks like the perfect day and the perfect picnic. I gotta try to make that potato looks divine:)

Herve Leger

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!


I was googling for things to perk me up on a dreary winter day. Everything about this post makes me very happy. Thanks!

Steve Crowther

Where can I get one of these baskets, please?

Ruby Tuesday Coupons

I love the picnic bag as well the food inside it, the list is good I wanna try it.

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