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That's some glorious looking bread you have there. I bet it tastes amazing with just butter on it!


I never bake bread because I'm just that lazy. But these look beautiful. I should give it a go. They'd surely be an excellent addition to a spaghetti dinner :)


This bread looks just beautiful! The crust looks so deliciously crispy. It seems like that long, cold rise really paid off!


These look sooooo amazing! Seriously!!! I HAVE to try these!


I can't believe you made these! I'm going to refer to your post when I'm ready to make one. Very soon, hopefully.


Wow...I am truly, thoroughly impressed. I used to be a pastry chef, and I have NEVER been able to make baguettes that looked this perfect. I can only imagine how they tasted...yowza!!


I'm so impressed! These look amazing.

Maggie Muggins

I've only tried the focaccia from that book so far, I'm definitely going to have to add the baguettes to my to-make list. Such beautiful crumb!


This looks and sounds amazing! I have to try this, and soon!


Those baguettes look so good that I can't believe you made them at home! I have Peter Reinhart's book and I LOVE IT. I've only tried the pizza dough recipe so far and it turned out great. I can't wait to try the rest of his recipes.


I am just itching to finally be done unpacking and painting the new place, and as soon as I am, I am making these!! Drooooool......


Just pinned this one - can't wait to try it. Your popcorn board is great, the Victoria's Secret model wearing popcorn cracked me up!

I can't wait to try this. I am working on becoming an expert bread maker. I made your Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread and it was amazing.


Just starting to give this a try and have a kind of important question, perhaps based on my lack of math skills: the measurements for yeast and salt in the parenthesis show that there's about three times as much of the latter, but the tsp. measurements are a much smaller difference. Does the recipe actually require 3 3/4 tsp of salt?

Also, many thanks for clarifying INSTANT yeast. I tried a less clear recipe yesterday and wound up with a soupy mess. Never a dull moment!

Cheap Timberland Boots

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

Sam A.

I just came across this thread while stumbling around. And while I know that it's been a while since it saw any activity I had to share my experience.

Three words. OH MY GOD. I made the dough according to the steps above. On baking day I took the dough out in the morning and left it to come to room temperature. Four hours later my wife comes calling "you dough is getting bubbly" I was sure it was ruined. It smelled a little more sour than I cared for it. But, wanting to see the dough through I decided to finish and proceeded to warm the over and bake. So glad I did. The texture was out of this world. The flavour was unbelievable (not sour at all) and to think that it came out of my kitchen.

Thank you for this amazing tutorial.

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