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That looks delicious. My mom used to make a butternut pound cake, and dad and I would eat it smeared with peanut butter...what great memories.

I can't think of any specific wish. I just took Wilton cake decorating classes, so of course I want one of everything that Wilton makes. I have my eye on a 20 week pastry class that starts in January, too...i just love to bake.

Joe Moose

That cake looks so luscious. And I do need to get rid of the lemons...hmm...

And that was an awesome wish for him to grant. I can't wait to see it. I for one wouldn't mind a new bundt pan and maybe a set of cheesecake springform pans. I would wish for a yarn swift, but it's not an appliance, so... *makes a wish for a new bundt pan and/or cheesecake springform pans*

Alyssa Oleary

Your creations never stop amazing me. Oh that looks amazing... just another recipe I need to try.

Man, the only thing I can think of is Wilton pans. There are so many different shapes and I'd love to start making some nice little mini cakes and shaped cakes and cute tasty stuff.

Sarah Leslie

Everything you make seems wonderful! And such a lovely idea from the Fairy Hobmother (though I'm from Scotland and would always call it a stove... hmmm...). Anyways, if you happen to see this wish, please Fairy Hobmother, I'd love a stand mixer! My granny's old Kenwood one gasped its last a few months ago, and Tesco-value hand whisks just don't cut the mustard when it comes to things which need to be beaten for ages.

Missy Long Flickinger

I live in landlocked Missouri but have beautiful dreams of vacationing in Louisiana. My wish would be for a crawfish boil pot big enough to introduce spicy crawfish to our friends & family that have not had the good fortune to experience them yet!


looks delicious as always, seddy :)

i would love to have a wooden spoon and an apron. it seems like these things are essentials that i am missing as i make my way through the unknowns of cooking and baking. these items are practical but i think i would feel very pretty with them! great combination, yes?

Loree Reininger

Wow Seddy that is definitely on my to do list now!! Looks absolutely yummy! I will have to show the recipe to my father since he has taken over my kitchen LOL.

What a great thing the Fairy Hobmother is doing!! Love that! My wish would be a food saver system or a wok. I used to have a food saver system ut it got usted in the cross country move. And a wok would be great to help me eat a little healthier!!


Mmm.. that looks delicious! And I love the idea of a Fairy Hobmother... it's nice to know people with good intentions are still out there giving someone a brighter day. My wish would be a good canning book (with pictures!), I actually have all the equipment I need to can, including jars! I realized I had everything even though I bought it for other purposes... so the next step is to learn how to actually do it.


That pound cake looks incredible. I have a fondness for lemon desserts.

If I could have one wish granted from the fairy hobmother it is that I would love to get a stand mixer and/or a retro inspired apron in a polka dot print.

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

Hi Stephanie. As always, your post make me want to run straight to the kitchen to whip up some yummy deliciousness. :) We happen to have a lemon tree in our backyard so I've been scouring the net lately for a good lemon dessert. This one is definitely on my list and has been pinned:

Here's my wish for the Fairy Hobmother:

Dear Fairy Hobmother:

I write a toy blog and would love to have a new camera to use to take my photos. The one I have now has served me well, but I would loooove to get my hands on an SLR so I could take better quality photos.

Ooooor… I would love to have some designer fabrics in my stash so I could get my Etsy shop stocked up again to earn some extra cash to buy that camera I’ve been daydreaming about.




Love the cake and the strawberries make me long for summer, we're in the middle of a very wet winter down under.

Fairy hobmother I've been longing for a really good hand mixer/stick blender. I have an ancient Kenwood stand mixer with is great for the big jobs but too big and heavy to haul out for all the little jobs.


I had no clue the Fairy Hobmother existed. Brilliant!

Your lemon pound cake looks divine, especially the shots with berries. I'm going to try this one for Sunday dessert at my Mum's :)


This looks so delicious! Strawberries and lemon...mmm :) My family has a passed-down-through-generations lemon pound cake recipe but this one sounds lighter and better for any time of day (can't go wrong with cake for breakfast!)

If I had one wish for the Fairy Hobmother, it would be an ice cream maker. I make ice cream and frozen yogurt year-round and although they usually taste great the texture never seems to turn out quite right.


Your blog has inspired me to do more and more in the kitchen. I've had my own kitchen for a little more than a year. It really makes a difference when you cook in your own kitchen! I've made a few of the things you've posted and they're all delicious. I tell everyone I can about your blog. Thank you for your inspiration!

It’s come to my attention that I could really use a food processor or a stand mixer. It’s amazing how often I come across a recipe for one of these two appliances that I just don’t have. A stand mixer, in particular, would really help my baking, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. I have two cakes in the works right now!

Jamie Grimes

This looks lovely! I'm so glad you had your wish granted.

I can't think of much I really need, but I do "wish" for a good quality full set of measuring cups and measuring spoons. I have 3 lower quality sets, each with a few pieces missing. One good set with all it's pieces would be lovely to have.


Awesome wish-granting, that's great! I love pound cake, it's gotta be one of my all time favorite desserts in any flavor.


OMG! Brilliant! Oh fairy Hobmother!!!!! YooooHoooo!


lemon pound cake is one of my favorite breakfast treats; my coffee is equally in love with it!


Yum that lemon pound cake looks so good. And better yet, it sounds easy to whip up. The strawberries are such a nice addition.

Does the Fairy Hobmother thing really exist? Because, like you said, it does sounds too good to be true... I never really believed in Santa (older siblings just ruin it for you...) but...:

Dear Fairy Hobmother,

You are a magical creature who sounds too good to be true. Are you Santa Claus in disguise? Because if you exist, your job must be so cool, to give away free appliances. Maybe you work part time as the Easter Bunny and hide chocolate eggs for kids to find?

Anyways, dear Fairy Hobmother, if you do exist, I would just like to let you know that I would like to be in possession of a waffle maker (be careful what you wish for...). I love waffles (but not the frozen ones), and I've only had homemade ones once when my friend brought her waffle-maker to my house. The only downside to those extremely delicious waffles was that her waffle maker made a mess and was very difficult to clean (according to our moms who cleaned it for us). Do such a thing as easy-to-clean waffle makers exist?

Yours Sincerely,

yummy supper

Stephanie, I am mistakenly reading your post before eating breakfast. Wish that Fairy Hobmother could transport a slice of your yummy cake to me right now;)

I do have another wish....I would love a professional baking sheet and Silpat mat. That is my secret kitchen craving.


Becs@Lay the table

When will you start baking things I don't like?! Looks amazing as ever! By the way, are you on the twitter? x


Cake? For breakfast? This is by far the best blog I've read today. This cake looks so moist and delicious - I'd love it for my afternoon tea. I'd like to try it with a bit of lemon zest in the glaze as well.


I can't believe there's a fairy hobmother (who's male) who gives away kitchen things. This is like a dream for me. I'm a poor university student. I have whole lists of baking paraphernalia that I don't own that I'd like to.
Dear Fairy Hobmother,
I am incredibly glad you exist and I actually can't believe I didn't know of you before this moment.
If you have the time and inclination, my wish at this present moment in time is I don't want to ask for too much... as in something too expensive... but... I don't know! Mostly what I'd like is an electrical scale or a stand mixer... if it's not too much to ask. Maybe something towards one of those?
You are amazing. Thank you for being around.
Yours sincerely,
Erin, the cookie cutter.
Ps I'm making this lemon cake. Yum.


Oh My that looks soo good. I have to try it!

allie folie

This is lovely! I used to make a lemon pound cake at work, but it used lemon cake mix and jell-o (total cheat, but it was delicious). I'll try this out once I come into contact with a loaf pan.

As for a wish,
Dear Fairy Hobmother...
I am a Canadian that has been living in the UK for the last ten months. Unfortunately, picking up and moving across the world for a year and half has rendered my baking equipment to a ceramic tart tin and a dozen silicone muffin tins. Tragic, I know. I have been getting into pastry and tart making, and I would LOVE a few small metal tart tins with removable bottoms - the ceramic just doesn't brown as well as metal.


Grace Unruh

Pound cake may be the most delicious cake in the world. I've usually stuck with vanilla or chocolate though... maybe I'll have to give lemon a try!

Dear Fairy Hobmother,
I'm a college student set to move into my first apartment. I'll finally get to cook! The only problem is that I need a set of solid saucepans, not those silly non-stick ones that come apart in time... I've spent the last few years living on cafeteria food and whatever I could piece together in my dorm room so I'm quite excited to begin cooking real food.
Yours, most hopefully,
Grace, the zwieback baker


I'm making this right now. Even though it required a walk to the grocery store (2 miles round trip in the Kentucky heat and humidity) to get butter and turning on my oven in my small, non-central-aired apartment. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be worth it.
The idea of the Fairy Hobmother--he exists!--makes my world happier. My wish would be for a good container for my flour--wide-mouthed, airtight, and not weighing a ton. Currently my flour lives in a gallon-size ziplock bag.
Thank you for all the joy you bring, Fairy Hobmother! You are awesome. If I ever have an excess of cash, I want to do what you do.

Tamara Rosas

This was VERY good!! I got rave reviews last night when I made it for dessert. I'd totally make this on several occasions!


I'm making this today!

Maggie Muggins

Mmmm, I love lemon pound cake, especially with strawberries!

I love that your wish was granted by the Fairy Hobmother!
My only wish would be to finally own a waffle maker. I find so many delicious looking waffles throughout the interwebs and I would love to finally be able to make some for myself. I've yet to find any frozen waffles or restaurant waffles that are vegan and pancakes just aren't the same. Whether my wish is granted or not, you fairy hobmother, are one awesome dude!



Congrats on your visit! Dear Fairy Hobmother, if you are listening, I am hoping for a visit and a lovely bread machine. Cheers!


Oh girl! I am indebted to you for this recipe! Lemon pound cake is SOOO good!

Oh, and I completely adore your blog name Clockwork Lemon is such a creative spin - I never would have thought of that!

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