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yummy supper

So so cool! We have got to try making these ourselves. Thanks for the detailed tutorial!-


I need to share this on my blog's upcoming DIY Tutorial post :)


These are too fun! I'm so excited to try them!


The awesomeness of this cake cannot be described! Can't wait to try.

Patricia Christianson

Would almond paste work instead of gum paste?


The sprinkles are edible? They look so awesome.


Very clever use for vodka!


DK: yes you can eat the sparkles :)

Patricia: I'm not sure if almond paste would dry hard enough for the wings to stay up

Claire @ keepsmeoutofmischief

They're amazing; don't know if I'd have enough patience or a steady enough hand!


Made these for a friends birthday party last night - and they were a hit! - I made the gum past from scratch with gum-tex from wilton and corn syrup (rather then glucose from wilton) the cake was a huge 2 tier cake for about 35 people and I'd wish i'd made more butterfly's everyone wanted one. Will be making these again.

Liz W

These are gorgeous! What a unique and memorable way to decorate a cake - thank you for sharing.


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where can i get ready to use gum paste .


Loten: I buy my at Michael's craft store, most craft stores have a cake decorating section.


very lovely.

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