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OK, I have 2 things to say... #1, now I absolutely must make these for dinner tonight!! yum! and #2, you have the BEST ROLLING PIN I I have ever seen :). I love it!

I suspect my reservations about shortening will disappear as soon as I make these (note to self: make tortillas!) and YOUR ROLLING PIN IS AWESOME! I kinda want it :)


Yum Seddy..this is making me so hungry. I must try this!


Eeeeee!, I'm excited to make these. I was JUST talking about wanting to learn to make homemade tortillas.


We go thru TONS of these with refried beans and cheese! I also love them with hummus and tabboule(sp?) -I should make them they would be dirt cheap!


Sweet, I should make these for Rob because he goes through a package of the store ones every week, and they probably aren't nearly as good...

Cris of Kiss My Tulle

My favorite way is straight out of the oven and smeared with butter. Yum. I roll mine out with an old broom handle though ;)

Andrea@From the Bookshelf

I have always wanted o try making these. Glad to know I don't have to have a tortilla press!


I need to make these ASAP!


I attempted homemade flour tortillas in the past... they were oddly shaped, and not very tasty. Looking back, I never did let them rest. I think you just solved my problem for me! Thanks!


Awesome! Can't wait to try them! I love your rolling pin, to!


Michelle : My tortillas are never perfectly round. I sometimes just cut around the edge to give them a rounder smoother edge. When I don't they look like the tortillas in the last picture: roundish but not quite a circle

For anyone looking for a similar rolling pin mine was purchased from this store (she does custom pieces too) :

Mary at n00bcakes

My brother has a tortilla press that he uses to make corn tortillas on occasion...they always turn, pretty well. :) These look tasty, though. I've never made tortillas myself, but it could be one of those things I try out for a special occasion. Maybe next Cinco de Mayo?

yummy supper

Don't those look good! Never made flour ones, but we make a lot of corn tortillas around our house...So good and easy and yes versatile:)

fajas colombianas

It looks like pita bread but much more yummier.


These look fantastic! I keep thinking I want to try making tortillas myself but was a bit intimidated. So nice to see the rolling pin out and about - it's gorgeous!


Too bad using shortening means you're adding loads of absolutely horrible for you trans fat.


JMS: you can get shortening that is transfat free from Crisco and it works just the same. You can also use lard, or half lard and half transfat free shortening.


i'm curious if these homemade tortillas make for good quesadillas... they should, but i'm afraid to waste a perfectly yummy tortilla! anyone try it?


How far ahead can you make these? Like, could I cook a bunch and store in a plastic bag? Or could I roll them into the balls, put in the fridge and just cook them as needed??


Rhea: I make more than I need and keep them in a ziplock bag. I usually use them all within the next day or two (at the most) so I don't know how long they keep beyond that. As for making the dough and putting them in the fridge, I haven't tried this but if you do try it I would suggest wrapping the dough tightly in plastic to keep it from drying out and then letting the dough come to room temp before rolling out.

Becky: I haven't made quesadillas but I have fried them in a little bit of oil to get them crsipy for tostadas and it worked very well

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Michelle : My tortillas are never perfectly round. I sometimes just cut around the edge to give them a rounder smoother edge. When I don't they look like the tortillas in the last picture: roundish but not quite a circle


Any ideas for substituting for the vegetable shortening? I won't even use the Crisco one that is supposed to be "healthier" due to health concerns.


Judy: There are recipes for tortillas that use vegetable oil. I wouldn't sub in oil to this recipe just because the flour amount may be different. The most authentic tortillas are made with lard instead of shortening (which you can sub into this recipe) but I don't think that solves your health concerns ;)


Another thing my family does is spreading just a touch of butter on a warm flour tortilla and then sprinkling some sugar on top of the butter, roll up the tortilla, and enjoy. <3


Where did you get your rolling pin?! it is awesome! I also loved making the tortillas! Thanks for the recipe.


jujuducky: I bought the rolling pin from here


Could you sub in something like Country Crock or some sort of stick margarine for the shortening? I get sick every time I eat shortening so if I could use that instead it would be nice... :)


Seriously, thank you for this tutorial and recipe. I made it and they were awesome! Thank you!

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OK, I have 2 things to say... #1, now I absolutely must make these for dinner tonight!! yum! and #2, you have the BEST ROLLING PIN I I have ever seen :). I love it!

Jamie Sanders

I use olive oil instead of shortening. I used shortening in the past. The olive oil tortillas taste fabulous. Also a little non aluminum baking powder helps make a softer tortilla.

Herve leger

Awesome! Can't wait to try them! I love your rolling pin, to!


Grace post!



These are wonderful and so easy... and causing me to have multiple taco parties a week!

cecilia galluccio

Thanks for using a picture of my woodburned rolling pin in your tortilla making post- I've had several folks contact me after seeing your lovely blog, one of them to potentially order a rolling pin of her own! Many thanks-
Cecilia Galluccio


cecillia: My pleasure! I love my rolling pin so much


Is nice to see someone actually using the Mexican recipe for tortillas, most American recipes out there use water instead of shortening and it just kills the flavor (in Mexico sometimes we substitute the shortening for a little bit of oil to make them lest fattening but I prefer the traditional recipe).
Just one thing, I don´t know how much if affect the flavor bur this is how we do them in Mexico: We put all the ingredients together (the ones you have PLUS baking powder) and make a small mountain with a little hole in the middle to contain the warm water, then pour the water little by little into the mix and start kneeling with our hands to mix everything together (yes it burns a little the fist few times but you get use to it after a while).
Once the dough is made we let it rest for a little while in a "tortillera" (is similar to a bowl) or a plate and we cover them so they "sweet" for like 20 minutes (this step is optional, if you are really hungry you can skip it ;P ) once they are ready then you can make the little individual balls for the tortillas.
When you are ready to roll them be sure to cover your surface AND your rolling pin with some flour so they don't stick and reapply as you see necessary.
To cook them just put them in a skillet, we use "comales" but they don´t seem to be very common outside of Mexico, and once they star to inflate (like a balloon) squish them to release the air and check to see if they are fully cooked from that side, if they are just flip them over and repeat the process in the other side (the secret of a good tortilla is to only flip them ONCE) and don´t worry if you get a few crispy ones, they are still delicious and you will get the hang of it eventually.
I have been cooking tortillas since I was 6 almost every morning (they are absolutely delicious with some scrambled eggs, either alone or with beans, ham, potatoes or anything you want) and I have been making them since I was 12, this is my grandmother recipe, she used to make them every time it rained an it was the best part of the spring :)

3 1/2 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
100g of shortening
3/4 to 1 cup of almost boiling water (this is by eye, if you feel the dough is to sticky then there is to much water and you can try fixing it with some more flour)

I really hope you like them and please forgive any problems with my English :p.

Keelie (SweatEqualsSuccess)


And where on earth did that rolling pin come from? I think I'm in love...


Keelie: I got the rolling pin from etsy at this store: she makes a ton of really pretty burned items and does custom orders too!


These look really good. I have some non-hydrogenated shortening in my cupboard that I think I'll use for this. Yours look so perfect.


Yum yum! I've been meaning to try to make my own. One question can you substitute something else for the shortening?


I've got to try this!!! always wanted to know how to make my own tortillas!!


Yes! These look delicious. I like putting butter and cinnamon/sugar and toasting tortillas in the oven...but homemade would make them even better


What great photos -- and your rolling pin is AWESOME. I'm just going to stare at the locked and loaded tortillas for a while now. :) Ha!


Oh my gosh, these look so easy to make! and with ingredients I always have on hand anyway!

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You have made them perfectly. Lovely treats!


Can you use wheat flour instead of white?

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