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Yum yum! Ive been meaning to try to make my own. One question can you substitute something else for the shortening?


I'm so anxious to try these, but I only have butter flavored shortening (Crisco) on hand. Do you think that would work?

Oh, and thanks for sharing the recipe. I found it on Pinterest. :-)


i poured too much water so then i added more flour will they come out ok?

Michelle Lindsay

I've been intimidated by homemade tortillas for years but finally got the courage to give them a go when I saw this post.
They turned out better than I'd hoped. I've been making them at least once a week since (my husband talks about them constantly) and will never purchase tortillas at the store again.
The best part is that they ALWAYS turn out perfect (even when I'm not making them in my own kitchen which, obviously, is the true test).
Thanks for this post. I'm so glad I found it!

Cheyl E.

For true authentic tasting tortillas you MUST use LARD!!I know your not afraid to use as I saw you used in you CHEESE EMPANADAS.Also you must only use BOILING WATER.And when I say BOILING I MEAN.Use a fork to start to work dough until you can handle the dough.Also make sure to real get in there and KNEAD a good 5 mins until dough is soft and smooth.Let the dough rest 15 mins.Then divide and shape your bollas.Again,be patient let the dough rest 1 hour to let the dough to have time to relax and RISE!!Roll out,cook and ENJOY.I hope this helps you.

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