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Michelle M.

Mmmmmm... yummy! This one is definitely on my to-bake list!


Oh my! That looks so freakin' good!!

yummy supper

Great shots of the whole process. Felt like I was there in the kitchen making that tasty focaccia!
By the way, I keep thinking of your sprinkle embroidery and how fabulous it was!

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That's so delicious... mouth-watering.


Oh yum! I could totally make this too I think. I like mine with oil and vinegar too since the bread is usually so flavorful on its own. Awesome photos, you made me hungry yet again.


Wow, definitely going to make it this weekend!


I have the book but I like your step by step better ;) What brand/type of flour did you use? Does it make a difference do you think? I've been baking with regular all-purpose flour but would like to start using whole wheat.


Lisa: I use Robin hood flour. Here in Canada we have very few choices of flour brand and the gluten content doesn't vary too much from brand to brand. In the USA the brands vary quite a bit with their gluten content. I think that King Arthur flour has the highest level of gluten. I used bread flour but you're probably safe with all purpose if you don't want to buy a bag of flour for just one kind of bread. The extra gluten in the bread flour gives it more stability and more of a chewy texture though.

I like adding whole wheat to my breads, like the oatmeal buttermilk one, but I wouldn't do this recipe with whole wheat. The moisture amount has to change because whole wheat sucks up extra moisture and makes things so much denser. It would taste very different and it would be sad to use up costly olive oil on a bread that doesn't taste very good.


It looks and sounds rather like a real, perfect focaccia. Yum!


Oh you had me at garlic and herbs.....This I have to try! The boys will devour this in a minute!

Mary at n00bcakes

You pretty as focaccia's just not a bread I can get into. I'm not sure if it's the texture or the flavor...I just...never really liked it much. And this is the fresh stuff my brother makes! Sure does look pretty, though. :D


just wanted to let you know I made this today and it was well worth the wait! I took the dough out of the fridge and left it for 9 hours rather than 3 as was at work but results were fantastic. Have already had requests to make it again! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.


Mmmm delicious. I actually did end up using whole wheat flour and it still came out great. I scaled it down to about 4 1/2 cups, so it's denser but not bad at all.

looks delicious also good looking, “hey, give me one”.....


StumbledUpon here. That looks fantastic and so easy too!

Judy@Savoring Today

Fresh focaccia on the streets of Cinque Terre is a memory I will always cherish about Italy. Yours reminds me of that amazing time, looks wonderful, thanks.


why guys get tomatoes on it after cooking...i'm italian! i did it...and i found focaccia in every bakery!! and here in apulia it taste really really good!!!


I just made this bread today and I wanted to thank you because it is delicious!! I do have a question, though; is it possible to make teh dough and then freeze it? Or, if you know, does the bread turn out ok if you make it and then freeze it?

Sam Henderson

Looks great!


My husband finally tried making this for me and it was AMAZING! We used Herbs de Provence and Garlic to flavor ours. We will definitely be making this again! It seriously was the best bread I've ever had! Thank you so much for sharing!

Steve Mitchell

Thanks for the recipe and instructions. I made this one evening for guests and they loved it. It was delicious. I also sprinkled some kosher salt on top.

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the bread looks so pretty, yummy and fresh! i want to try it so bad! thanks for sharing! :)


made this today; and it is so crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. heavenly!!! worth the effort.


Just wondering if each time you fold it you also brush with the infused olive oil or just the first time? I' making it as we speak. Since you didn't say to I won't looking forward to eating this when done!

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