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Beautiful cake!

That chair looks like one of ours! Is that the original upholstery? Ours came with orange fabric in a similar texture, but has since been recovered when the cushions fell apart from 30 years of use.


Buggie: Thanks! The chair is vintage with the original upholstery. I wanted to get it recovered but the fabric is still in great condition so I think we'll be keeping it as-is for a while.


Wow! What a creative looks beautiful!

Blissful Babe

The cake looks amazing! I just love that idea!
And I also love the shoebox/catbed idea... I may have to run with it. Problem is, I have 5 cats. If I put shoeboxes all over the house, I may not have any where to sit.....


The cake turned out so well! It never would have occurred to me to use sprinkles. Wellington is so adorable!!! I can't even tell you how badly I want a cat. Did you see the finished illustration of Wellington on my blog?


Studiomme: I saw the drawing! I love it and I picked up a copy of your book at your store. :)

Michelle M.

What a pretty spring cake! You always come up with the most amazing ideas!


Incredible work! I've never seen anything like it. It really looks like embroidery.

I use the same trick at our house. I have a basket that is the exact shape/size as a shoe box and it keeps the duvet cover fur-free. well, sort of :) What is it about kitties needing to be squished from all sides? Funny beasts.

Sara B

I haven't tried the shoebox approach with our kitty. However, she does have a love of reusable shopping bags. She would choose laying in one of those bags over sitting on the couch any day.


The cake is amazing. So pretty! what an incredibly creative idea. Love the catinthebox as well.


Fantastic idea, although I would imagine it took quite sometime. I am surprised that more cake places don't do this on cakes for purchase.


That made my mouth water like craaazy. Beautiful topper too, I can relate to that one. Could 'embroider' words on there really nicely too I bet.


Cake is pretty but I want the kitty please?


That is a beautiful cake, I can see a lot of work went into it!
You cat is cute, to, it is amazing the places they get themselves into just to curl up and sleep!


The cake is adorable but the CAT!!! How freaking cute is he??? With a little stuffy no less - omg! They are so funny : )


Well, I can honestly say that none of my patterns have ever looked this delicious before! Thank you!

Mary at n00bcakes

*Love* this decoration idea; in fact it's so embroidery-like, at first I wasn't sure if you made a cake look like a quilt, or a quilt look like a cake. :) Do you use the swiss meringue buttercream a lot? I'm looking to start playing with it, but it seems like a pretty intense process.


This is absolutely beautiful! I love swiss meringue buttercream, but I agree that the pink lady cake needs cream cheese frosting!


Hi! I sound judgmental and I don't mean to be: but we found that feeding our cat a very high quality cat food from the pet store really helped to stop the shedding. ??? But I have to admit - the shoe box is ADORABLE!


You're amazing, I cannot imagine having the skills (and patience) that would produce such a beautiful cake! Was it hard to eat such art? Smart to give your cat a home to call one's own; I wonder if that would work for my 80 pound lab?! ;)


Kitties, cakies and Carina one of my fave doesnt get any better, marvellous blog! :)

yummy supper

I am so in love with your stunning sweets! The sprinkle embroidery is simply brilliant. What are you going to do next?


Wow, such a great idea for my sprinkle stash...
I would like to create a similar cake but do you think this idea would work with fondant, would it be more forgiving to incorrect sprinkle placement?
I have recently discovered a solution to kitty fur on upholstery. I bought a wicker laundry basket from a craft store and lined it with a towel. 90% of my kitty's time is now spent napping in his basket, which makes me happy since a towel can be thrown in the wash and my sofa cannot.

DMC Spain

Hello, the cake looks amazing, congratulations. its very original. We have posted your link in our facebook page (

Jane M

This cake is just gorgeous! So very creative and wonderful. I'm wishing I had the patience to decorate a cake like this. Maybe some day! Did you look at a counted cross stitch pattern or did you make it up in your head as you went along?


That's super cute. Reminds me of a dress I just bought in Mexico!


omigoodness you make the CUTEST cakes! i'm so excited that you have a fondant recipe that actually tastes good! :D


I love this!! I'll be doing a post on it tomorrow. I hope it's okay if I use a couple of your pics. I'll be linking back to your site. Please let me know if this is not okay. I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find an email address on your site. :-)


Erin: Thank you! You are welcome to use a few pics with you link back :)


HI :) I popped over from Erin's blog to check out this cake. You sure have patience! The idea is awesome and it looks fabulous.


Wow - this cake is absolutely stunning. So retro yet chic.

Church of DIY

Ugh. I love this so much.
Can't wait to see your next one! Will you do another Polka & Bloom pattern?

Also, Wellington kills me.



I love how your little kitty is hugging a little frog? It looks like a frog.


Amanda: Its some sort of green mouse thing with a really long tail. He is obsessed with his possessions. I've never had a cat before who was so concerned about his toys and scratching post


Church of DIY: If I make another one (which I want to!) I'll definitely use Polka and Bloom again. Her stuff is beautiful


This is the cutest most wonderful cake I have ever seen!!! I love it! Great job! Cassie


I saw this on Pinterest and just had to see more!! The cake looks delicious...After sorting out the colors, how long did it take to actually create the design?


I totally love this idea and am going to try it out! I am going to find one of the pieces that my grandmother has embroidered and follow that pattern. Thanks for the idea and beautiful cake! <3

Sawsan@chef in disguise

Amazing idea!
you are truly talanted
great job!

Frau Haselmayer

Such an amazingly creative idea! The cake looks sooooo great! I LOVE it!

And Wellington is too cute!

Cats and cake are definitely a perfect combination for the weekend!


This is darling! I pinned it!


Beautiful, beautiful cake! What a creative idea! I knew it was one of Carina's designs as soon as I saw the picture!


AMAZING cake! I will have to try this for sure! Love you cat in the box too, mine does the same thing!

Oklahoma Granny

I might suggest making your own jimmies next time you need specific colors. Using royal icing, pipe lines of royal icing onto waxed or parchment paper in the colors you need. Let dry completely and then using a very sharp knife cut them in the length(s) you need.

Joy @ Joy of Desserts

The decoration on this cake is simply amazing, especially for those of us who love stitching and embroidery. I would love it if you would share it with my readers at Joy of Desserts. I have linky parties on Mondays and Thursdays, if you would like to add it. Thanks.
I empathize with the pet hair issue. You have found a fabulous solution. Maegan

this is FANTASTIC!


so cute -- the cake and the cat!


Your cake is really pretty! I applaud you on your determination, and the sorting of your sprinkles; it really paid off because it looks awesome.

I also like the picture of your cat and the problem with his shedding...I have the same issue, and my cat loves boxes, so I'm definitely going to try it.

William H. Stoneman

Your cat is adorable...and that is why we call it "fur"niture!


Wow, gorgeous decorating :) it looks fantastic, I wouldn't want to ruin the prettiness by cutting into it lol

Aww and kitty!

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