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Michelle M.

Congratulations Stephanie!! Your cupcakes are incredible. I just love your blog; this particular post made me want to rush out to a cupcake shop for a sweet treat! :)


Yeah!!! You totally desrve it! ~*CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS*~ : D


Your cupcakes are gorgeous!! Congrats on the win :D


These are just gorgeous! Too pretty to eat even. Wow.

Laurie Skelton

Several things:

#1. I love your blog and all your pretty/delicious pictures.

#2. Please, please tell me what shade and brand nail polish you're wearing in the above photos? I've been looking for a shade like it for forever!

#3. Your notebook sketches are lovely and whimsical. Thanks for sharing!


I would say too pretty to eat, but I'd eat them anyway. The patience you have for doing all of the decoration is amazing... I'd cave and eat all the batter out of the bowl.


Laurie: thanks! The nail polish is Revlon (the topspeed stuff) and its called jaded. Its a little lighter in real life.


Of course you won! You are so supe talented with the food you make and your presentation always makes me drool. Sorry for the graphic image of me being a slob but seriously, you deserve the praise. :)


Congrats!!!! They look awesome!

Mary Bergfeld

You are really amazing. These look truly beautiful. Kudos. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

yummy supper

Congrats! Your cupcake is beyond fabulous - of course you should have won!


I am in awe of your talent! Congratulations on the win! I love that you shared your sketch book. I think you deserve a trip to Paris to showcase your skills!!


Congratulations! I am so blown away by your designs. My cupcakes are lucky if they even get frosted...yours are pure eye candy.


Congratulations. Those are seriously creative and amazing. You deserved to win.


Congrats!! Those are absolutely divine!

Mary at n00bcakes

*Wow*! Those are incredible-looking! Congratulations on your win, I think you most definitely deserve it! I think these are also perfect for the less-prestigious-but-infinitely-sillier Pimp My Easter Basket Challenge my friends and I put together; you should send this post in! ^_^ I know I'd love to see your cupcakes in *my* Easter basket. :)


Such original and cleverly inspired designs! I'm happy you won (and not surprised for one second). Well deserved!


congratulations! Your cupcake designs look amazing!


These are absolutely stunning - and thanks for explaining how you did it! I'll have to give it a whirl.


congrats! those cupcakes are all so pretty...i really like the one you did a tutorial looks like a peacock :D


No kidding you won. That cupcake is stunning.


Wow this is so beautiful. As I was reading I was thinking how you did. Congrats on winning!!!!


*falls on floor at awesome cakeyness*!


This is just stunning...

ivory suits

These cupcakes are delicious looking! I just hope I could have some:( I've also tried to learn baking but I guess its not suitable for me.


Those are some pretty impressive cupcakes! I am just in love with your blog and tutorials. I just found your blog today. Makes me a happy camper. <3

Jessica C

Theese look delious! I was wonding if you could give me the recipe for the swiss meringue butter cream you used in your winning design. Thanks

yasmin yeong

wow, these cupcake frostings are AWESOME!

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