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I can't believe I am going to call onions beautiful but really they are! I am dying to try some cannong my self esp jellies and pie filling - fruit is soooo expensive now : ( I am hoping as things come into season to save them for winter.

...and how can you be mad a Wellington??? They all do that it's like they make out with the yarn lol.

The forsynthis is our only sign of spring so far if it snows here again they will have to make me a white suit.....


Oh that's gorgeous... also I love your cat, can I have him? Hmmm I might have to look into canning with all the veggies I planted this summer, or freezing them. I wonder which is better?

Mary at n00bcakes

Beautiful colors you've chosen for your crocheting; I haven't picked up my crochet hooks in quite awhile, but now you may have inspired me to do so! I've always loved granny squares, but I'm very bad at making them; I always end up miscounting so they become lopsided. I should probably practice more. ^_^

I like your canning, too! That's something I've always wanted to try, but never gotten around to. Sounds like it has a great gifting potential.


As a dog person I had no idea that cats actually love to play with yarn, I thought that was just something they did on Tom & Jerry! I also love to read cookbooks like novels. I have a few cooking/eating memoirs that I've just finished - A Homemade Life and Lunch in Paris. I just got The Sharper the Knife the Less you Cry in the mail today. Have you read any of these?


The biting kitty pic is priceless!! hehe!

yummy supper

Crochet and Canning seem a perfect cozy combination! Don't you just love preserving? I was surprised at how easy and satisfying it is. My husband has become a preserving fanatic and I love it. Must try those cocktail onions!


Just popping back in - I am sure you are whipping up some ridiculously fabulous Easter spectacularness!!!

Happy Happy Easter! XOXO Patty


I have the same problem with cats wanting to play with my yarn. I don't know how many crocheted flowers have wound up under the fridge because of those jerks. I finally invested in a big plastic toolbox, so I can dump everything in there when I'm done working on it.


I love the afghan you made and the colors are beautiful I would love to have the pattern I am a crocheter and I will be trying your recipes they look great!

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