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I would go to that winter sucks party. Margaritas!

Lori Anne

Great blog and wonderful looking cookies!


Love this post. So creative and the cookies are fab.


YAY summer cookies!!..


I can't wait til I get a stand mixer... fondant is likely the first thing I'll try (probably a horrible idea) just because it looks so awesome. Also, I want spring too. Also, you should run cooking classes!


Ha ha ha - so reminds me of winters at home. So totally true. But cookies really make everything better, right? :)


Very creative! I agree that I am over winter! So ready for Spring!


LOL this is pure genius!

Mary at n00bcakes

I love winter, but even so those cookies are fantastic. XD Wonderfully creative and colorful to boot! Stay warm! ^_^


You are killing me with these cookies! :)


Love your winter sucks cookies! I'm so ready for spring...

Heavenly Housewife

Ha! I love these, they are my kind of cookies, and my sentiments exactly!
*kisses* HH


Fun coookies. Very creative idea. I love all four of the seasons. Back to back triple digit weather can be as hard to deal with as back to back snowstorms.


It's nowhere near that bad here in Dallas, but all the same I'm very glad when spring comes for good.

Love the cookies!


LOL!!! Such a great way to express winter SUCKS!!! I agree - we have 2 stoves going and it's been freezing here all the same time I am so done hauling logs into the house 24/7. GO AWAY WINTER!


Love this! So creative!


Ohh I love the cookies! I actually wouldn't know how to dress for weather like that (fun to learn from your cookies though :) I am actually looking forward to the cool change this year, our summer has been one of the hottest on record...!


This is pure hysterical genius! Just love it! Too funny!


So incredibly cute!!

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Wow good shape and design! I want to try this one!


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Anna (Morsels & Musings)

Love this post! I live in Sydney and have only seen snow a couple of times in my life during trips to Europe. That process sounds intense.

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