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Mary at n00bcakes

Very cute, and very delicious looking! I'm not sure I've ever used both cocoa powder and melted chocolate in a recipe; it sounds divine. Love the crinkle cookie look, too! I'll definitely have to put them on my "to-make" list.


As always those look fantastic... You're making me think my Christmas gift this year should be a mixer! Also, love the apron.


"1/4 tsp (Whitney adds slightly more than this which gives them an addictive salty- sweet flavor)"

1/4 tsp what???


Buggie: oops, its 1/4 tsp salt. I edited it in the post.

Cass Lehfeldt

I made these tonight! They were everything I hoped for. I ended up adding extra flour becuase the dough didn't seem stiff enough at first, But after chilling, maybe I was wrong!
Also, my cookies didn't turn out as pretty, it seemed difficult to get the powdered sugar to stick to the ballz. Maybe if I used a larger grain of sugar it would leave more room for the powerded sugar?

Regardless, they are wonderful and fudgey and awesome and dissapearing as I type!

Thank you for this great recipe Whitney!


These are so cute. I have the eat the whole plate cookie problem, too. Which is why I don't make them that often.

Whitney T

Thanks for all of the kind words everybody!

Cass, I have had that problem before and usually it was an issue of over-flouring/over-chilling. When the dough is just below room temperature it's quite sticky (expect to have a fair amount of residue on your hands after rolling) and the powdered sugar has no problem staying on. I've also been known to sprinkle a little extra powdered sugar on each cookie before baking, because I am vain and want every cookie to look like a metaphorical crisp, fresh, two billion dollar bill.


are these from the book "vegan cookies take over your cookie jar"?


Sammy: It's quite possible that they are. I only know them as "the delicious cookies that whitney makes that I was surprised to learn are vegan" :)


These cookies look amazing and delish, but they're not actually vegan if they use white granulated sugar. Sucanat would probably yield the same results, and it IS vegan friendly, but I'm not sure if it would crinkle the same way. Experimenting, here I come. :)


Hey wheat-free folks! I successfully made these replacing the wheat flour with 1 2/3 c oat flour.

Thank you for this recipe! I have a kiddo with many food sensitivities, and this recipe with the aforementioned changes allowed me to make our family's favorite Christmas cookie for him. Happy holidays to you!

vegan chocolate frosting

wow, that looks like a really really good cookie.

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Rooted Vegan

Just thought you might want to know that we linked to you today.

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