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Kristi Smart

Thank you for posting a snippet of your adorable life. Your cat looks spoiled and well loved. Its very sweet.


So cute. Love it.


I love it!

Mary at n00bcakes

Whoa, those cupcakes look fantastic! I can't wait to see some more details on how you made them. ^_^ Also, kitty kitty mew mew.


The cupcakes look awesome, and so does your kitty! I love cats, really wish I could have one. They make the best faces.


gorgeous piping! i really enjoy your pics of wellington. such a charming orange beast. i'm happy i'm not the only one who plays with cat hair (it makes for great mustaches too.)


Yes, the piping is awesome! Wellington is a cutie. You might get a kick out of this article about how the authors of the book "Crafting with Cat hair" are collecting cat hair donations for their projects. For real:!5781590/authors-of-crafting-with-cat-hair-want-your-kittys-fur

P.S. I am fully aware that I've missed my chance at an extra-lame pun. Oh well.


Your cupcakes are beautiful!!!!! Yum:P


Your cat is adorable! He looks like he has a mustache =]

Texts and Textiles

see you soon


awww Wellington - what a lover!!! That first cupcake is a work of art!!! Gorgeous!


I *luurrve* you pictures! And Wellington is fabulous! he's such a star!
It is safe to say that you have a new stalker. :D


Your cupcakes are a work of art! And I bet they're delicious too!


Wow! Gorgeous photos! The piping on the cupcakes is stunning!

Craftiness Now

awww, i'm baking cupcakes with my kitty cat today! love your pics and such a pretty blog :-)

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I love cats and cupcakes. They make my life complete.


liking the cat...and of course the cup cakes

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