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The egg looks like a daffodil, which is pretty sweet. I'm way excited for spring too, enough of all this lousy weather!


Gorgeous pictures - I love the snow (we don't get much here in San Diego). The egg blew me away - what did it taste like? It looks like modern art!

The egg sort of looks like a yellow rose or tulip.. how funny!
And yum.. nothing is better than ice cream in waffle cones, especially when they are his and hers. ;)


This post made me laugh out loud. I view those kitchen mishaps as learning opportunities. I had an exploding potato last week and ravioli dough for Valentine's that never reached the 'dough' stage. I love your photos... they are wonderful!


That certainly is a great necklace. Love it. Your photos are great, too.

Hey Stephanie! So glad that my kettle corn worked out so well for you! Looks like you have a TON of yummy dishes as well :) I must try some of them now!
with love,


LOL!!! The last picture says it all : ) - ice cream makes everything better!


looks a lovely day, well spent. the landscape is absolutely gorgeous!
dapper is the perfect word for that cone. i would have went straight for the licorice as well.

Amy Lapi

this is really sweet :) sometimes it's the unplanned stuff that turns out the best.

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