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Yummy combination, the chocolate and Irish cream mousse sounds so good!!


Looks tasty!


It looks delicious! I went for the simplest option, as usual :D

I agree - summer berries will be great with this panna cotta... and my kitty was quite interested in this challenge as well! :) Beautifully done even if your cake idea didn't work out so well.


Oh yum! That looks delish! I may have to give your chocolate mousse a go ... Thanks for sharing!


Cats love heavy cream :) Love the idea of using chocolate mousse with Irish Cream. Great job!

Cate Holst

Panna Cotta...YUM! Looks like you have such fun at Daring Baker's. Is it easy to join? Cate


Cate: It's easy to join the daring bakers. You just go to and apply to join. They let everyone join but you have to wait until the next challenge before they send you a password to get into the private forums (can't start a challenge mid-month)

Then every month they post the new challenge in the forum and there is another thread to post your finished products and ask questions. Its a really friendly community, and a huge one!


The important thing is that in the end you got a nice dessert. Wellington looks like a cat on a mission. Our black one is always very interested in dessert. I have had him show up unexpectedly on a photo when he managed to approach the table without me noticing. Both the panna cotta and the cake look really nice.

Audax Artifex

Wow wonderful work on this challenge and I love how you improvised after the mishap of the sponge cake. Lovely work. I adore that cat picture so cute.

Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.


I agree it was a wonderful your pictures!

Mary at n00bcakes

Oo, I really like the banana top layer of your panna cotta, what a great idea! Love that spoon too - very fancy!


Through all your efforts, you came away with a terrific combination and picture! The dessert looks cramy and just the thing after a big meal.
I love that spoon too :-)


Yum! Chocolate mousse and panna cotta, two creamy desserts! Sounds delicious!


Well I like the "3 leches" like panna cotta cake, looks great and most taste the same.
The panna cotta looks silky and creamy and the flavor combination is delicious


I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your cat, it is beautiful


Love that you turned the first effort into a cake! The cake looks pretty phenomenal as does the chocolate mousse in your final panna cotta!

Karen | C&C

Awww Wellington is so GORGEOUS! And despite your problems, that cake looks mighty fine!


Wellington obviously has good taste! YUM!!!

Cate Holst

Thanks for the info on the Daring Bakers....worth a try!

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