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Kendra P.

You are my hero. That brunch looks amazing. You sure do have some lucky friends.

hi - i just found this - and i would LOVE if you could send me the recipie for that lemon pull apart bread?!?! - my email is "" - i would literally DIE to make this - i really hope this finds you and you wouldn't mind to share - THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!


I second the request for the lemon pull apart bread recipe! It looks AMAZING! So happy I stumbled across your blog today.................. must bake. :)


Third on the recipe for the bread, it looks to die for!

Belinda Madsen

Where are the recipes??? This all looks divine!


I'll get the bread recipe up by Wednesday and then the muffin recipe after that!


I can't even begin to tell you how friggin' delicious everything looks. I swear to god I'm about to pass out from craving overkill! Especially those muffins! And you just gave me an idea for roasting potatoes, I can go on and on. :)


Hi! I stumbled across your blog when someone from pinterest pinned your picture of your pull-apart coffee cake it to their pinboard and just had to see if I could get the recipe! I was wondering if you could send me the recipe to your Lemon pull-apart coffee cake. My email address is . Thank you so much.



All of these dishes sound amazing. I really want that bread recipe. Must make this week!! Thanks!


thank you, thank you, thank you!! can't wait to try it... :)


I just drooled on myself...and how freaking cute is Wellington? OMG !!!

Geneva de la Rouge

Oh my fricking God. I am drooling all over myself here with the rest of your fans!.
I too would love to get the recipe for the muffins( I am the muffin queen with my own personal muffin top) and the pull apart lemon bread. Another thing I eat and crave on a daily basis is lemons in any form.
If I don't get these recipes soon I think I might obsess until I do!
Put me out of my misery and into some muffin pleasure!! :-D

wendy baker

the only think keeping me from making any of these deeeelicious items is that my oven is broken. I promise, cross my heart and hope to pass into a coma of solidarity, to try all of these items. i am in need of the inspiration and all of this does it for me.
thank you for sharing!
oh and it was the lemon bread that sucked me in through pinterest ... i doubt i shall ever leave now.

wendy baker

apparently, i can't edit myself for spelling. i meant 'thing', not think. ugh.


I think I am going to have to be a regular here. :)
Plus, I want to come to your brunches!

chai tea

Uhmmm... Yummy post.. I'm craving for that..

Jackie Slocum

my email is Could you send me the recipe for the lemon pull apart bread. Thank you..

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Oh my! Your brunch looks so yummy.. hope you can post the recipes, I cant wait to try it also..


Your pictures are beautiful, I enjoyed reading about your brunches. I can't wait to make the pull apart lemon loaf, that looks devine !
Thanks for sharing.





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Steffi Pope

Can I have the recipe fr the lemon peel apart bread too?


I would love your recipe for the goat cheese muffins, I might eat a whole pan of them myself! Everything looks so super yummy! Thanks for the inspiration, and growling tummy.


Alicia: Here's the recipe for the muffins! Enjoy :)

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