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Yellowfish Designs

This sounds... really good. I've never had these before! Could they work with regular frosting, too?

Chris Wrinn

OMG! These look GREAT!


Is it acceptable to eat the jar of marshmallow fluff?

Bug Miscellany

oh. drool. drool. droooooool.

i love whoopie pies. totally in agreeance (what? it's a word) about the icing/cake ratio. it's the only kind of math equation i like.


I'll admit I've never had a whoopie pie. It's time I changed that. These look absolutely divine.

Sarah Buck

Gorgeous swirls and gorgeous photography!


Yellowfish designs: You can use any icing that you want! You can also just spoon on the marshmallow fluff without making it into an icing if you want it really marshmallow-y

Also long as the icing isn't too runny or squishy, it needs to be able to stay between the layers without being smooshed out


Oh that cupcake to icing ratio drives me crazy. I always have that stumpy part of the cupcake left with no icing and really - what's the point? This really is genius.

Sarah Rankin

Oh my! These look sooooo delicious! I wish I had time to bake these day. I'm a new follower, by the way. Love your blog!



I'm with you - you definitely need the right cake to frosting ratio. I'm going to try these with my 4 year old, anything remotely chocolate related turns her into the best kid on earth.


Oh my.... what a wonderful self-indulgence to sit down with a cup of coffee and a bunch of those...
Whenever I come here I end up with more recipes that I want to try than I would be ever able. But this one is definitely going to the top of my sweets list!!

Amy Lapi

i don't like chocolate.. iknow i know i'm crazy... i just wanted to tell you that i so admire your photos! you are such a great photographer. <3


Can you make these the night before? if so do you refrigerate them overnight?

Amy Miceli

I made these today for our Rapture party. ZOMG. They are amazing. Much better than I thought they we be, surprisingly light. I followed the cake directions exactly but made my own marshmallow fluff. I could eat 40.

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Oooh! my old roomie from Maine keeps talking about whoopie pies, and this is the best description and recipe we've found! Thanks for sharing this- we are going to make whoopie pies!!

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