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Anna Varney

I am so going to try this--my husband doesn't like this so it will be all mine!

Looks devine! Love the macadamia nuts!

Kirsten H.

One of our favorite treats. Your brittle looks very very yummy. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Oh I LOVE peanut brittle!!! A quick question though, what does 'simmer' mean? It's ridiculous, I've been cooking for eight years and I never bothered to look it up. I assume it means not-quite-a-boil, but I'd like to get this recipe right. What does the syrup look like when it simmers? Thanks!


I have to stop visiting you in the morning because I always want to eat what ever it is you post! Happy monday : )


moss garden: A simmer is like a gentle boil. You still want the sugar to be bubbling rapidly but you want the bubbles to be a lot smaller. My stove heat goes from 1 - 10 and I get a rapid simmer with my sugar on heat 6 or 7 (after bringing it to a boil on 8 or 9)


oh, yum! i tried making brittle in december to give out at christmas but it was a total fail. I've been wanting to give it another go, so this is perfect!

Rae Gun

man oh man this looks fantastic, I've been craving macadamia nuts lately too so this is perfect.

Cate Holst

Oh my goodness, that looks amazing. The gloss on those nuts looks so enticing. YUM

Helen Fisher

Ooooh that recipe looks delish. I am just visiting your blog because of your post on Etsy where you didn;t want us to read your diary, so here I am reading your other diary!!

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