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Shut up with this. Just shut it!


I think you're going to single-handedly destroy my attempt at a diet, because this nearly made me gnaw on my fingers.


No's too a fluffy chocolate angel......

Lonesome Road Studio

That looks absolutely AMAZING!


Oh my goodness, I could eat the whole thing! Even if it was full size. You're right about it sounding so complicated. I think they do that to deter people so we continue to buy from fancy bakeries.

Yum kahlua chocolate mousse sounds decadent and delicious!


Aww. The chocolate sounds awesome, and I love the stripes that looked like tree bark! The heart is just the right touch!

lisa mary

This looks SO light - like angelfood cake! I bet it tasted delicious and love your patterned joconde - good job.


I love the tree bark pattern such a great idea looks sinfully delicious!


So pretty and delicious looking! I really love that pattern.



Wow! I love the random stripes and chocolate mousse does sound like the perfect filling. I wanted to do that but someone in my house hates chocolate and I knew I'd have to share! Great job!

Image Of Perfection

Wonderful job on the challenge! Kahlua chocolate mousse sounds sooooo good. :) I love the heart you did on the top of the cake. It really gave the cake a polished look.


You had me at Kahlua :) Love the name of your blog btw. And those banana split cupcakes sound awesome.

Oh wow, this looks splendidly scrumptious! *Heads to the fridge to dig for something chocolaty*

La Galletika

Wonderful Job!!! your entremet sounds delicious, I am going to try to do your Kahlua chocolate mousse, mmmmmmmmm

Congratulations and thanks for your comments on my blog.


Looks amazing! and was probably absolutely delicious. Soooo unfortunate that your dog ate your challenge last month! : /

Account Deleted

lovely cake! i have so much fun with this callenge!

Account Deleted

see you next month!

Violet Cottage

GORGEOUS!!! I bet it tasted amazing, too!


Beautiful!! and thank you so much for the stabilized whipped cream tip!

So lovely!! The birch bark design was such a great idea and turned out so well.

i love it. the chocolate mousse looks so good and the pattern resembles tree bark. love the heart on top.
have a wonderful Sunday


I seem to have misplaced your last email, but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to fill a week due to a vacation or something, I'd love to do a guest post for you. I have a lot of fancy baking recipes that I've been meaning to try.


WoW your joconde looks so YUMMMY :9, I like the desings too
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