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I will totally try this with my vodka!!


Have you ever used berries??? I would love to make some fresh cranberry vodka but I wonder if they would mold? Have to look that up.

Did you see this blog? I will warn you I laughed so hard I almost threw up! Bring your best dominican accent with you.

Maybe it is my sense of humor but I spit my lunch everywhere!

Happy Wednesday!


I actually have two massive jars of cranberry lime vodka in the works right now! they need to sit for a few weeks and you have to add a bit of sugar to get rid of the bitterness from the cranberry. The alcohol stops any mold from growing


Oh yeah thanks for that tip! As Estorbo would say- leekaleekaleeka.....don ju weesh ju hab my libe? hahahaha


I don't like gin much, but this looks like something I could tolerate. I do love lemons... and I do love Caesars.... mmmm.


I do love gin - I've never thought to add anything to it besides tonic. Thanks for the idea!

Lindsay Budzynski

This sounds amazing. I am going to try to make some for Xmas.

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