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Ohhh cool. I honestly had no idea such a thing existed... I kinda figured they'd be too bitter as well. Think I could do this with lemon peels?


These look delicious! Great gift idea too some of these and a few chocolate covered nuts and YUM !!!

Texts and Textiles

Bring these next time you come to visit...and the cat too

Those look delicious!
Great photos and tutorial.


This looks fantastic, thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for sharing! I bought oranges from my nieces school and I have so many that I don't know what to do with. These look great!

Kirsten H.

Your cat is soooo cute. We would love to own one again, but at the moment we adopted three Guinea pigs. So the cat has to wait.
My husband would love these beautiful treats! Thanks for sharing.


I am Wondering how long these will last for in the fridge/pantry?

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I find myself wondering if this would work with other citrus fruits, as well. Lime peel and white chocolate sounds heavenly...


From the time I was a young girl, these have been my favorite candy. Living in Chicago, my mother would take me downtown, on the streetcar, to Marshall Fields (oh, oh, age giveaway) and if I had been good, stop by their confection department to buy some chocolate covered orange peels, which was a real treat, since this trip was only made about 4 times a year. Your post has brought back fond memories and a longing for this candy. The next trip to the store will definitely include the purchase of some oranges, so I can make this wonderful confection for my husband and me. Thanks so much for the recipe

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