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Cass Lehfeldt

Love the teapot! So cute. I'm looking forward seeing your treats!


That rolling pin is exquisite. What amazing, intricate work.
Wellington is so cute waiting for his tea :)


I think your photos are fantastic. Can't wait to see what you have in store for your blog in the new year.

PS That teapot is awesome!!

Carol Emma

What wonderful gifts! And Wellington is adorable!

Cate Holst

I love your list of new year resolutions, can't wait to see them! The teapot is so much fun.

Happy New Year!


That rolling pin is a work of art! I may have to save up for one of her wooden spoons...
Happy New Year! Am looking forward to seeing all your baked creations this year :)


That rolling pin is absolutely gorgeous! WOW!


So nice to receive beautiful gifts that are also useful. I'd hang that rolling pin up where I could see it everyday.
Wow, you've had such a productive year! No doubt the next one will be awesome. All the best to you!


Happy New Year Stephanie!!! God these look delicious - something about New Years and frying - we had homemade fried chicken and onion rings....Heaven........I absolutely love that etsy store - one of my favs!!!


Happy New Year! What a gorgeous rolling pin, what fun you'll have using it! I will check back on your bread making progress, that's one of my new year's to-do's, too. I keep meaning to try the easy fast bread from Mark Bittman but I can't coordinate my schedule to be home when the rising is done, or to be awake to set it to rise so that I will be home when it's, uh, risen. ;)

Frau Haselmayer

This is the most gorgeous rolling pin EVER! WOW! I can't stop staring at it and being in awe!


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