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I LOVE your new kitty! What a handsome fellow. I can never stay mad at mine either; they can get away with anything. Also I'm very jealous of all your snow!

Kirsten H.

Wellington shows great taste! He is so cute.


LOL ! He is so cute! I used to have a cat that would gnaw at EVERYTHING!!! Absolutely everything had to go in the fridge. She once gnawed the leg off a defrosting turkey! He looks so absolutely innocent.


Ok don't laugh but my first picture in my post today is reminding me of " Happy Wellington in Dreamland" LOL!!!

You need to make him some catnip cookies! What a yummy kitty!


Ha ha! Oh, your post was great. Sorry about your cookies. As you said, though...who could stay mad at that face? What a cutie! ^_^


My cat used to do this all the time. He had a passion for tortilla chips (whose bag he'd slash open with his back claws) and chocolate donuts. He once tried to chew through his food container. At least your cat is nice enough to not eat over other people's cookies.

Shannon S

So funny! The last picture makes me think he really got tired of playing cookie toss. So adorable, I agree that it would be hard to get mad at that adorable face:)


but he looks so innocent? teehee. What a sweet face that beautiful boy has! And I love the name 'Wellington'! :)


So hilarious! Cats are so spontaneous (and shameless). This reminds me of when we made a gingerbread house. Our normally sweet cat jumped up on the table, ripped a big chunk of the roof off in one bite, let out an unholy growl, and ran away with it. I was too shocked to be mad.


Haha, love it! xx

Patricia Roberts

Wellington is very naughty!! But oh so nice!! I would still eat that cookie that fell on the floor. That's what a can of air is perfect for!! :D

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