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Kirsten H.

What a pretty boy. He is so lucky to have found a new home with you.

What a sweetheart! You are both so lucky to have found each other!

Awwwww, he's so beautiful!! I love the markings on his face and those pretty eyes. Enjoy your new snuggle buddy!

Cate Holst

What a lucky pussy cat have you as his 'parents'. Lovely story


Awww what an awesome kitty! Looks like a creamsicle :)


Aww, I'm not even an animal person, but that's too sweet. I'm glad Wellington found you.


He's gorgeous. I'm so happy you chose a rescue cat. I'm trying to talk my boyfriend into the same thing, since I had to put my own cat down a few months back. I wish you many years of snuggles. :)

Gahhh!!! He is so cute!!
I am happy he found such a good forever home. I got one of my two cats from a Doberman rescue (of all places). He really blossomed after he got out of here, too.

I wish you guys all the best.



Congrats on the new family member! Such a handsome Wellington he is. Isn't it funny how they pick us? He must have known that you'd give him an awesome life.


oh i just clicked in from cabin + cub and saw your new precious fur baby (well maybz not a baby anymore) Wellington. how dashing is he?! i can't believe your story of how he "found" you too, incredibly good.

happiness to you and your new bunk mate.


Oh it was Kismet ! He is quite the handsome fellow - just waiting for you to show up : ) awwwwwwwwww - enjoy each other!!!


Oh I love the first and second photos. Well all of them really!

I'm so happy for you both ~ many happy and healthy years together!

Welcome home Wellington! >*.*<


thanks for your comment! Wellington is such a ham for the camera! what a cutie :)

Scott C.

Hello. I came across your blog while doing a Google image search for "Far Side Cat Shower" and I saw a pic of Wellington and it caught my attention because he looks a lot like one of my cats - Cinder. My wife and I rescued Cinder from a Cat Shelter about 6 years ago and she very much chose us - just like how Wellington chose you.

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