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I was looking for another banana bread recipe. The one I have is too dry. This one looks moist and delish!

Blogger Girl

SO making this looks and sounds delicious!


Usually I keep bananas in the freezer just for banana bread but I don't have any today. (sad face) I'll just have to keep this recipe in mind for next time!


delicious. the pictures to go with are perfect. i absolutely love banana bread and am only wishing i had a few ripe bananas RIGHT NOW!!!


Lord I am making banana bread right now!!! I have toi try this recipe - we eat it by the loaf - doesn't even last the day. I've tossed in flavored oatmeals before ( cinnamon or maple) and they actually taste good together. Why do spices always fall out of the cupboard??? I've nearly been maimed several times over a wandering celery salt or curry powder!


Banana Bread is a favorite around our house. I'm due for a new recipe though, so I'm super pleased you've posted this one. Looks lovely!

Claire Nettles

Love banana bread but have had trouble recently (like the past 3 years!) getting my bread to bake in the middle. SO frustrating. Yours is beautiful and I would think that the maple flavoring would be delicious.


So excited to make this! I've had to fight to keep the bananas from getting thrown away, and they're just about ready! Thanks!

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