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Totally AWESOME !!! I never thought of chocolate syrup !!!! My kids are going to love this ...... : )


Awesome!! Thanks for the recipe ;)


I'm so glad you posted this. It's exactly what I've been looking for. There's something satisfying about seeing an elegant white cake getting the horror treatment. I dig it :)

wow that is incredibly real looking! :)


That's so rad! We're having a big Halloween party here (one for adults only and another with my daughters and their friends). I'm making candied apples with a similar red blood syrup and calling them bloddy hearts on a stick. We also have witches fingers (bread sticks with a small piece of red bell pepper as a nail), mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in bread), cemetery salad (greens with a garlicky dressing), and a bunch of other foods. Halloween is always our big party each year.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is lovely!


It also helps if your chocolate syrup is "iron enriched". Thanks, Nestle!

Amy Lapi

you made that cake.........?!?!?!? it is incredibly gorgeous!


Wow, that actually looks really delicious.

A Twitter User

Oooh! So gross yet so cool! I love it :)


This is great. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to try to "inject" it into cupcakes, so the unsuspecting eater is surprised!!

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This looks perfect! But one question, what does it look like when it has dried on the skin? flaky, sticky, nonexistent? Please let me know! I plan on using this as an alternative for the fake blood you get at Halloween stores. Those things are pricey!

Elizabeth Rosado

Amazing and LOL at u getting carried away I think it looks great thank you for the tutorial I will be using this on a cake for this weekend


This looks so awesome!! Have been looking for something like this! Am making cupcakes with "glass shards" on them (made out of sugar) and was hoping to have "blood" stained/drizzle on the cupcakes, may have to have a practice round, do you think it would work?? Thanks for posting this!!!

Michael Moore

Perfect! It looks so yummy. I'll make a replica on this for the next Halloween party of our classroom.




To make the same effect but to harden or become somewhat of a solid and not stay as liquid (as your picture looks) would you add gelatin or use a candy shell chocolate syrup?


Just an FYI... this "blood" also works well for "spaghetti sauce" if you make spaghetti & meatballs cupcakes. :-)


does the color of the blood bleed into the fondant? and will it bleed through buttercream frosting?


Sam: It does colour the fondant, I didn't see any bleedthrough to the icing though


I love this and it is going to be perfect for my Elena costume for Halloween


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Voluptuous Hypothesis

Thanks for the edible blood!

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