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I would love to try this but alas I also have a terrible time with yeast : ( . I don't know if it's too hot or too cold but even my pizza dough comes out awful : (. Sometimes I get bread to work but a lot of the time it's small squat and hard....poor yeast it doesn't stand a chance with me. That and fried chicken are just two things I cannot seem to overcome in the kitchen.


I have had issues with fried chicken too! I think that if I decide to attempt it again it's going to be with a thermometer for the oil


That looks so good! I can almost smell it. :)

Jennifer Davis

oh my goodness, girlfriend! that looks A.MAZ.ING. We have breakfast every Friday in my office and alternate bringing it in....this just went to the top of my list for next time!

Also, I love dark green! I will definitely be on the lookout for some to add to my wardrobe...thanks for the tip!

Kirsten H.

Yes, I was waiting for you to post this recipe and here it is. Such a great looking bread. I will have to give it a try. Thanks.

This should be outlawed, right afte I have a little taste :) Wow!!


I can't wait to try this one of these saturday mornings. I'm a sucker for anything with cream cheese in it, and this looks gorgeous :)

You are so talented, could you come to my house and make that :)

Have a lovely day T. :)

Savannah Lewis

You have the most adorable ideas and such splendid desserts! Now I can't wait to get back from my weekend trip in order to begin baking. :)

This looks absolutely scrumptious. I will definitely be making it over the holiday season this fall. Thanks for the inspiration.


Mmm - this looks and sounds fabulous! I'm pinning it for sure!

PS - LOVE the name of your blog. Now I'm off to look at more of your posts....

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Chris Rawstern

Okay, one more dessert to try. I agree that you can practically smell the pictures. Wow. Great job, on the photos, the recipe and everything.

Sara Ella

I'm thrilled to try this new recipe for our Pentecost treat. Thank you! My hubs LOVES lemon!

Katie Grow

I have now made this twice and really love it. The first time I made it my braid was not so hot but i figured it out the second time. I actually split the dough the second time and made on with the lemon curd and the second one with a blueberry compote i made up. Both were super delicious. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog...

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