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Doesn't that just drive you to drink???? I look at sooooo many blogs all that information- then you try and remember something you want back and it's Good Luck Charlie. On a happier note I gain weight just looking at your blog - Marshmallow Heaven! Nothing better then homemade rice crispy treats!!!!


OMG !!! Are you going to make an inspiration cake???? I've died and gone to Heaven !!! I can't wait!!!

OMG, rice krispie bars are my favorite. *drools*


Oh Yum! Rice Krispie squares are so satisfying. I yearn for the days when folks would make big sticky batches and give 'em out for Halloween. I'll definitely give these a whirl :)

Stef Brek

I think I've been traumatized by too many unsuccessful attempts at making rice krispie squares as I child that I haven't made them in a really long time. Like over twelve years long. Yours look fantastic.


ooh i can never get tired of rice krispie squares. yours look extra gooey delicious. i have never heard the brown butter version - i'll definitely be trying this the next time i need something quick and yummy.

oh, so craving a square right now!!! yummmy!!!

Trina Baker

OMG, I remember the first time I helped my Aunty make these. I was five and I felt like a chef. I haven't made these in years but I am so making some this week. Thanks for reminding me of a happy memory :) Have a nice day.

Jenny Star Lor

This post is so visually stunning, I can't wait to try out this recipe on my own!!! Aaaghh, great post!


Oh gosh, this totally sounds like a thought process I'd go through! I think those krispies were destiny and now I am thinking that this would be a great Halloween treat and at first I was thinking caramel corn, but since I see that your recipe calls for condensed milk (and I don't have any either), I think I'll do the squares :D

Lonesome Road Studio

Oh, the gooeyness! I never thought of brown butter for something like this, it sounds wonderful.


Well, I tried them and they are amazing! We finished the batch so fast, I had to make them a second time lol. I'm never making another rice krispy treat recipe again.


Well that settles it, when I go grocery shopping tomorrow, I'm buying rice crispies and marshmallows!


I made these the other night, and they went HARD over night. I was looking forward to them oh so much because they look so tasty!
But, I think I'll stick with the recipe on the Rice Krispie box.

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