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Lesley Howard

Saying my husband would have loved those is a huge understatement... Huuuuuge. I'm an expat Canadian and I still call my winter hats toques.


Oh, yum! I've been battling with my guy to eat breakfast and I bet I could win him over with these. What a gorgeous spot to set up camp! It's a shame the water was too chilly. It looks too pretty not to take a dip :)


Well bacon makes anything better - these look fantastic. I was just talking to someone the other day about the new M&M's that have pretzels in them...what could be better ??? How about bacon filled M&M's.....ahem.


You had me at bacon + cheddar.

Lonesome Road Studio

Wow. Just wow. I can only imagine how awesome those must have been with the chili. And LOVE that camper!

Account Deleted

Oh geez. You're tempting me away from my vegetarian ways.


If you want to skip the bacon you can mix a package of onion soup mix into the milk and let it sit there for a bit before mixing it into the muffins. Then you have cheddar and onion muffins which are also really tasty

Megan Eckman

I showed this to my boyfriend and he opened his mouth and pointed at it as if to say, "Feed me". Oh well, I didn't know what all to do this weekend but now I guess we'll be making muffins!

They look awesome and how can you go wrong with bacon and cheese, have to make these thanks for sharing :)

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

Love the pics BTW :)

Oh my, I think I gain weight just by visiting your blog. *drools* Btw, what a cute little camper!!


*Makes a small, pained noise...* I'd like to have one of those muffins... What a beautiful view where you stayed, and your caravan is so cute - just the type I'd like to have!

I'm drooling over here...these look awesome!

Justin Bieber Supra Shoes

Love the layout! Thank you for sharing!

It is amazing how quickly time goes! I have not touched my pages since June, but seem to be coming up with ideas that I hope to remember when I have that next moment...

Thank you again!

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