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Cass Lehfeldt

Could you firm up the icing with some powdered sugar? Do you think it would be good with whiskey instead of rum?

Appleton is my lil' bro's favorite rum. Good taste!


Cass: powered sugar would firm it up, but it would take a lot and make it too sweet (too sweet for me, but maybe not for other people)

Also, I think it would work with whiskey or baileys or other tasty liquors that go well with a bit of coffee and chocolate

We always use toothpicks to hold the layers in place and just push them down until they disappear into the cake. It's considered lucky to gt one of them in your piece of cake. The last cake we made, I ended up getting 3 of the 5 toothpicks used, so I must be really lucky. :o)

Dusty Harves

Cake sounds great.. will have to try it out. In the recipe however.. you write: 1/2 cup sour milk (1 tsp added to milk will sour it)... Is that supposed to be (1 tsp white vinegar added to milk will sour it)? Thanks!

Lesley Howard

I think I've said it before, sort of, but reading this really makes me wish I were handier in the kitchen. It also makes me wish I had a stand mixer!


Dusty: oops, yes its supposed to be white vinegar (fixed now)
Give the cake a try! It gets put together so quickly

mmmmmmmm! I wanna try this. I wanted to make cake balls with rum icing covered in chocolate for the holidays and your recipe looks perfect.


Hmm this Aunt Jackie's chocolate cake looks yummy!! I wish I was more talented in the kitchen.

Wow. *blinks* Your cake looks dangerously delicious. Fun castle topper, too. Your dad is a lucky man!!


Oh my goodness that looks amazing!!


LOL !!! Welcome back Stephanie !!! I love
" And it is NOT a stable icing, it doesn't want to be pretty. It doesn't care about laying smoothly on a cake. This icing is all about how it tastes and not how it looks."

You should rename it " The Devil May Care" looks pretty damn delicious .

single dad

those are yummy!!


I made a variation of this tonight for my attempt at, *ugh*, gluten free cupcakes. This icing is too good for them!!

I used the same ingredients (except for the Nesquick) but in different ratios. I replaced the chocolate syrop with melted chocolate chips and came up with a great consistency. I must have used a greater percentage of icing sugar than the recipe above. In any case, I'm writing this recipe (with the minor revision) down and it's a KEEPER. Thank you!!

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ブログがよく書いてあると思います、引き続き注目しております。もっといい文章を書けるように願ています。Good post!


Which rum is best for the above cake? white?


Hey, I just discovered this recipe but I have a problem with the amount you caled "c", for cocoa, water and so on. I suppose it means a cup, but how much is that, is it even a fixed quantity? Sorry for the stupid question, we use other units in Germany. Hope to be able to try out your cake soon! :)
Greetings and THANKS for your amazing blog :)


This cake is amazing and doesn't even last a day in my home. I make a different icing for it but the cake is amazing. And yes c is for cup hope that helps.


Sounds delish. What temperature should I use for cupcakes?

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