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Lori Plyler

Oh my goodness. I don't think anything has made me want to make cookies more than this. It looks like so much fun! Beautiful job, once again.

Absolutely stunning!!!

April Armistead

Wow - great work! and beautiful dresses ♥

{something sweet}

i LOVE these! i'm sure ms. angus was very impressed with the finished products. congrats, stephanie!


did you barter .... a dress for your cookies???? so neat... awesome job!! :)

Caroline Moore

Wow, you're incredibly talented. I'm lucky if I can get my cookies off the sheet in one piece! :)


they're perfect! they'll be a hit for sure!


These are fantastic ! Great job : )

Wow these are awesome! You are so talented. I love seeing the process of making them as well. :)

Love them! Super cute and they totally match the dresses. Your blog is the yummiest!

Sunny Oasis

Stephanie, I just love the whimsical spirit of your work. You definitely captured more than the essence of the dresses. Bravo Joan K, Winnipeg


Wow! These are amazing! I love the little details like the buttons on the white wrap and the bow and blue lace on the green dress. Such an awesome work and exciting opportunity! Congratulations Stephanie!!

Those cookies are amazing. What an awesome opportunity. Your cookies never fail to impress, those dress cookies look like the real thing.

Great work! These are really great :)

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