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Michelle Gerig

You had me at 'fudgey cookie goodness'!!! That just looks so delicious!! I am sure that your dad enjoyed it!

{something sweet}

wow! steph, this looks just like something out of a gourmet ice cream cake shoppe. i'm sure your dad loved it so so so much.

Amy Albin

Yummy! Wow, that looks so good!


This sure beats buying the DQ ice cream cake (which sadly I am guilty of.) I can see a whole lotta luv went into this one. Your Dad must have appreciated it so much!

Lesley Howard

Wow, that looks amazing... I have a huge craving for cake now!

Lori Eddy

You did a great job of creating the perfect Father's Day dessert for Daddy. It was (and still is) so, so good! Much better than DQ cakes! Thanks so much Stephanie!

Kathryn Dechairo

Wow, I'm sure that tasted every bit as amazing as it looks.

Karen Beales

So then.. he I come to check your blog...then I'M HUNGRY! Too many yummy pictures.

Deedee Casebier

I am definitely making this for my sons birthday! He will love it, along with all of the family of chocoholics! LOL


Holy Canaries ! I've died and gone to Heaven I'm sure of it !

Angie V

That looks delicious! I was just checking out the rest of your blog: you are going to make me gain 10 pounds just be looking and thinking about it all lol.

Gina P

Heaven on a plate, I'd say.

April Armistead

Holy Crap your whole blog looks delicious! ♥

Account Deleted

Yum. If only I could eat dairy...I'm sure I could find some coconut and rice dream icecream somewhere!

Delectable post, as always!!!

Oh.My.Gosh. That looks insanely delicious- it's almost midnight right now, yet I'm THIS close to going out and getting all the ingredients to make that this very minute. Seriously!

Lori Plyler

Oh. My. Gosh. I want that for breakfast. It would go fabulously with my coffee. :)


Oh, the picture with all the toppings on top of the cake and the chocolate sauce really makes me......droooool. Hehe. It looks very yummy! I'm sure your dad loved it!


(rather embarrassing) I'm actually salivating this looks incredible! i mean the name says it all... chocolate - icecream - cake.... what more could a girl ask for. Another must try for me to add to my own to do list!

o. my. gosh. right now i wish i was your dad!! that looks so amazing


This is positively heavenly! I bet your Dad loved it! In response to your question about the chocolate chip cookie pie - it's soft in the middle and kind of creamy. It doesn't have the same texture as a cookie.


Oh, YUM! Lol, I'm now wondering about the wisdom of following your blog, it's going make me crave cake all the time ;P

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